Paris massacre… who brought them in

From: bronek
Date: January 8, 2015 9:14:36 AM PST (CA)
To: Piotr Bein
Subject: Fwd: Low lives: Who brought them in…

Low lives: Who brought them in…

Countless millions don’t want the Third World into their communities. They don’t hate anyone. That’s brainwashing.

They simply wish to be amongst themselves and retain their state/ community. The Third World acting as it does, is simply a product of who they are.

This dilemma for the majority should not contain a first priority of keeping them out; the first priority should be taking care of those responsible for bringing them it. Only then, should a second step should be initiated. Otherwise, there will never be over all harmony. Those running the show know this common sense issue.

As for the glorification of that Charlie Hebro entity, that’s media hype. It’s time to studdy propaganda.

Below is one of the “ cartoons” produced by that Charlie Hebro publication in Paris. Notice the complete lack of culture.

We read that they spoke of queers and other groups, in their “ everything’s okay universe. Perhaps they needed to look in the mirror at themselves.

Echos sound the inquiry of, “ What if children were to see their work? Like the Z porno community, that was of little concern to them.”  Seems a lot of pondering needs to be considered about their “anything goes” world.

Countless millions comprehend that happened in Paris is shocking cuz it’s on a much larger scale of what normal majority folks see each and everyday. Apparently when two scum entities collide … Those bringing them in are not held responsible. Whata think the reason for that is?


By piotrbein