Out of Control (Ukrainian Prime Minister in Berlin)

Newsletter 2015/01/08 – Out of Control

KIEV/BERLIN (Own report) – Accompanied by protest demonstrations,
Kiev’s Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, will have talks with
Chancellor Angela Merkel today, Thursday, on expanding German support
to Ukraine. Yatsenyuk is pursuing an arms buildup by all possible
means. Observers assume that Kiev is preparing a new offensive in
Ukraine’s civil war. It was reported that several NATO countries are
involved in arming the country’s military. The German government
confirmed back in September that it had satisfactorily complied with
Ukraine’s requests including “defensive equipment”. Even
trans-Atlantic supporters of Kiev’s February 2014 putsch, are now
warning that a considerable rise in the influence of fascist militias
and certain oligarchs is threatening to establish an uncontrollable
warlord system. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk’s party has particularly
taken the lead in supporting right-wing extremist battalions.
Yesterday, Yatsenyuk was ceremoniously received by German President
Joachim Gauck.


By piotrbein