Paris Massacre – the “Best Thing Since 9/11”

From: Counter Bias
Date: January 16, 2015 10:02:32 AM PST (CA)
Subject: Paris Massacre – the “Best Thing Since 9/11”

Paul Craig Roberts: Paris attack designed to shore up France’s vassal status
Charlie Hebdo was an ‘inside job’
only in the sense that it was, in all
likelihood, expertly green-lighted.
And even in the unlikely case
that it wasn’t green-lighted
in a quite literal sense, it was
still caused by the deliberate
and calculated goading of one
particular set of the would-be
victims – the Muslims – just
like 9/11.
The very well known principle
of the Talmud-driven criminal
kosher politics is simply this:
get the victims of the Chosen
blood-suckers – as a rule, the
dumbest peasants – to act
as violent perpetrators –
and that’s exactly where the
Mohammed cartoons come in.
In fact, as we know from the
official reports, those brothers
weren’t the ‘merciless killers’
prepared to murder anyone –
even when this might have
facilitated their getaway.
While they embarked upon
a course of action that was
patently criminal, they still
refused to kill those whom
they regarded as civilians –
even when this was
to themselves.
Could they possibly be more
criminal – or just as criminal –
as the cowardly uniformed
Jew child-murderers in the
Jew-occupied Palestine?…

Palestinian boy after ‘treatment’
by a Jew phosphorus bomb
While those half-baked jihadis
might have imagined that they
could discretely communicate
through their molls, in fact,
in all likelihood, their digs had
as many as a dozen bugs each
and their cars most certainly
weren’t ‘clean’, either.
And all those bugs would have
been monitored in real time
by at least two different sets
of paid c@ck-suckers: the Jews,
the Jew-controlled police, et al.
For example, the poor old
Australian tax-payers were
robbed of who knows what
amounts of money – to monitor,
among other things, the sounds
emanating from my bathroom –
just because this alleviates the
symptoms of the Jews’ paranoia.
And just the other day, the Jews
wearing the hats of Victoria Police
rent-boys once again criminally
interfered with my computer…
The likelihood that the Paris
massacre wasn’t green-lighted
by the Jews and the top brass
of the Jew-owned French police
is pretty close to zero.
As far as the Jews are concerned,
this is certainly the best thing
since 9/11 – just as 9/11 was
the best thing since WW2.
While many more were killed in
7/7 in London and in the Madrid
Bombing, the galloping hypocrisy
and the monumental grotesquery
of this kosher French farce leaves
for dead any possible rivals.

“The Extremely Dark and Unexamined Underside
of the Charlie Hebdo Affair”  [ ‘suicide’ of top cop…]

The Charlie Hebdo Murders
Detailed analysis
Security Apparatus and Politicians React to Paris Attacks
More detailed analysis

Unlike Muslims, Zionist supremacists
enjoy immunity from mockery – by Michael Hoffman

“… In November 1963, upon seeing Ruby on television,
Nixon said, “The damn thing is, I knew this Jack Ruby.
Murray [Chotiner] brought him to me in 1947, said he
was one of ‘Johnson’s boys’ and that LBJ wanted us to
hire him as an informant to the Committee. We did.”
… Nixon immediately recognized that LBJ was using
one his operatives to do ‘clean up’ work on the murder
of John Kennedy.”

The only Jewish government MP ‘Josh’ Frydenberg
to attend Holoko$t memorial ceremony at Au$chwitz
He complained his great-aunt spent
two years in Auschwitz…  Does he
realize how bloody lucky she was
not to have ended up in a Jew-run
Soviet concentration camp?…
There is no way she could have
lasted there as long as two years,
unless she eagerly prostituted
herself to Comrade Kommandant
and went on to suck every Kapo
she was handed down to.  And had
she stayed alive, she might have
been ravaged to death by syphilis…
The Jew MP Moishe Danby:
Au$chwitz announcement a validation
of …  survival of our survivors
Give it a miss!

Video  – Tim Willcox: [in Paris]
Palestinians Suffer Hugely At Jewish Hands – 0:27

BBC’s Tim Willcox Should Resign For ‘Anti-
$emitic’ Question, Joe Scarborough Says
Give it a miss!

An honest Australian journalist
Mike Carlton – rare bird – had
something quite appropriate
to say about “Je suis Charlie”
on Al Jazeera, but if the video is
to be found anywhere, the Jew
Google wouldn’t want you to
know where.  Funny enough,
Al Jazeera appears to be equally
Video  – Media Watch:
Mike Carlton speaking out on Gaza – 14:03

Video  – Max Igan:
The Situation in Gaza – Capricorn Radio – 29:32

Mike Carlton: Gaza is Israel’s Vietnam | Echonetdaily
I$rael’s rank and rotten fruit is being called fascism – Mike Carlton
Headlines tell nearly all

Australia’s UN vote on Palestine does a
disservice to all sides, including Israelis
by Hon. Bob Carr, fmr Australian FM [Jew]

I$raeli PM defied France to join Paris march
Netanyahu defies French pleas to push Zionist agenda
Headlines tell nearly all

U.S. Caltech University:  anti-American
Jew I$raHell espionage officially ignored

Persistent Lies about James Forrestal – by DC Dave
New link  – with addendum

The Fake Legends of Adolf Hitler’s “Jewish Grandfather”
By Carolyn Yeager  – very good research

Ex-MI5 Annie Machon on 9-11 Truth – 7:15

What The Jews Did To Germany now in the USA – 4:49

Michael Scheuer:
Mrs Clinton Has Blood on her Hands Everywhere – 5:34

I’d Dump the I$raelis Tomorrow – Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer – 9:16

The Jew Chomsky dispels 9/11 ‘conspiracies’ with ‘sheer logic’ – 10:02
Don’t waste your time!

A link to unblock blocked YouTube videos

Comparative Criminality

Gypsy – Reads your palm and tells you your ‘fortune’.

Jewpsy – Reads your palm and charges  you a fortune.

Gypsy – Picks your pockets.

Jewpsy  – Picks your pockets and robs your Treasury, as well.

Gypsy – Peddles ‘magic potions’.

Jewpsy  – Peddles ‘magic potions’, as well as hundreds of
billions of dollars-worth of ‘legal’ pharma drugs.

Gypsy – Runs Punch and Judy show, while picking your

Jewpsy – Runs your central bank, media, government,
education, ‘jewdiciary’ and what not, while
picking your pockets and robbing your Treasury.

Gypsy – Acting in concert with his criminal associates,
who caused you to slam on the brakes, he suddenly
lands himself on your windscreen and proceeds
to demand a ‘very generous compensation’.

Jewpsy  – Acting in concert with your criminal governments,
he caused over two hundred million of your people
to be murdered in countless wars, ‘revolutions’,
purges and famines – and then went on to accuse
you of having given him the taste of his own Judo-
communist medicine, when the putative six million
of his Khazar tribesmen were purportedly ‘gassed’ –
in non-existent ‘gas chambers’ – often dabbed ‘gas
ovens’ – that didn’t exist, either, as all crematoria
were coal-fired – and, even in theory, hardly had
so little as 5% of the required through-put capacity
to account for the ‘magic number’ of 6,000,000 of
the alleged ‘victims’ of the legendary Holoko$t.

Gypsy – Gets drunk and stabs someone to death.

Jewpsy – Gets drunk with power, greed and paranoia,
tricks you into yet another trillion-dollar war,
robs your Treasury more than ever before and
calls you a ‘traitor’, an ‘anti-Semite’ and an
‘apologist for terrorism’, if you dare to question
his methods and motives, while, at the same time,
pouring conspicuous praise upon his own fellow
tribesmen for their … ‘courageous opposition to war’.


Non-Gypsy     –  gojo, gorjo
Non-Jewpsy  –  goy (goyim – plural)
Female ‘goy’  –  shiksa (prostitute)
Zionist  — a Jewpsy that wants other Jews to live in I$rael.
Holoko$t  — a legitimized Jewpsy fraud that’s perpetrated
every time a Jewpsy war criminal needs an alibi.

This email delivered courtesy of the Jewpsy Google Mail

Jewpsy billionaire, Jewpsy Yid
You are still the same filthy Zhid
Stick your head into the oven
                          and turn on the gas
So your problem would be solved fast

By piotrbein