Germany f…s up Greece

Newsletter 2015/01/20 – Domino Effect

BERLIN/THESSALONIKI (Own report) – Berlin and the EU are massively
violating Greece’s sovereignty to secure their political domination
over Southeastern Europe. As was revealed by documents from the
Athens-based Troika, with two German functionaries in the leadership,
the government in Athens has received instructions on how to bypass
the Greek Parliament. To counteract the foreseeable consequences of
this interference – which is provoking protests and strengthening the
camp of the opposition parties – Berlin is handing out money to Greek
journalists, religious representatives, and artists. This interference
is targeting the Greek public to neutralize the growing demands for
restitution of debts stemming from Nazi crimes. It is also aimed at
undermining the lawsuit against the Federal Republic of Germany, filed
by Thessaloniki’s Jewish community. The German foreign ministry is in
control of the payments to network the Greek “civil society” with the
German elite.


By piotrbein