Debate on new sanctions against Russia; militarization of Ukraine

Newsletter 2015/01/26 – The Usefulness of a Ceasefire

KIEV/BERLIN (Own report) – German foreign policy makers are proposing
that tougher sanctions against Russia be discussed. In light of the
escalating combat in Eastern Ukraine, we “unfortunately have to
discuss tougher sanctions,” declared several representatives of the
German political establishment’s transatlantic fraction. Berlin
accuses the insurgents in Eastern Ukraine, and even Moscow of
escalating the conflict. The escalation in Donetsk and Mariupol,
however, followed the Kiev government’s decision to launch another
wave of mobilization and arms buildup, which, according to observers,
could be the prelude to a major military offensive. Kiev has also
launched a long-term militarization of the country: Adolescents, and
even children, will not only have to undergo a “national patriotic
education” in school, but also learn “how to use rifles and
Kalashnikovs.” Just a few days ago, the EU parliament passed a
resolution to supply “defensive weapons” to Ukraine. Berlin had
already authorized such supplies last year. Brussels is preparing a
comprehensive propaganda campaign to accompany the escalation of the


By piotrbein