“Double strategy” against Russia

MOSCOW/BERLIN (Own report) – Prominent German foreign policymakers are
proposing that a “double strategy” be applied in the West’s power
struggle with Russia. According to Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the
Munich Security Conference, the West should continue to demonstrate a
“position of strength.” However, because, at this time, Moscow
obviously cannot be subdued by a policy of pure confrontation, a new
phase of engaging Russia should be initiated. Talks on EU cooperation
with the newly established Eurasian Economic Union could be envisaged.
Such a cooperation would return the rivalry “between Russia and the
West to the economic field, from that of the military,” according to
experts. Last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel had already floated such
an option. At the same time, aggression against Russia continues. A US
rating agency has just downgraded Russia to “junk level.” Additional
measures are in discussion.


By piotrbein