Debate on arms supplies for Ukraine

Newsletter 2015/02/04 – Division of Labor for Aggression

KIEV/BERLIN/WASHINGTON (Own report) – With informal talks on Ukraine
at the Munich Security Conference approaching, German foreign policy
makers are not ruling out their approbation for US arms deliveries to
Kiev. Initiatives from within US government circles in Washington, to
contemplate supplying anti-armor weapons and drones to the Ukraine’s
military, are considered by Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich
Security Conference, to be “appropriate and important.” German
parliamentarians – in spite of the Chancellor’s negative announcements
– have made similar declarations. Washington’s contemplations are
based on the fact that Kiev has so far proven incapable of leading the
West to victory in Ukraine’s civil war. Some of Kiev’s troops are in a
desolate condition. Desertion is on the rise, as well as protests
against the murderous combat. For western states, official delivery of
lethal weapons to Ukraine is considered an option for turning the tide
on the battlefield. Security Conference Director, Ischinger, finds a
“division of labor” between Washington and Berlin conceivable.


By piotrbein