Germany, Latin America and the struggle with Russia

From: German-Foreign-Policy <>
Date: February 16, 2015 12:36:21 PM PST (CA)
Subject: Newsletter 2015/02/16 – Future Alliances (Germany, Latin America and the struggle with Russia)

Newsletter 2015/02/16 – Future Alliances

BRASÍLIA/LIMA/BOGOTÁ/BERLIN (Own report) – The West’s power struggle
with Russia has led also to tensions during the German foreign
minister’s Latin America tour, which ends today. Last Friday,
Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited Brazil, which has a “Strategic
Partnership” with Germany. However, the country not only refuses to
join the sanctions against Russia, it is even intensifying its
economic and political cooperation with Moscow. Current relations have
therefore become “difficult,” according to observers, even though they
are good with Peru and Colombia, next on the Foreign Minister’s
schedule. Both countries are members of the “Pacific Alliance” that is
directed against the Venezuela and Cuba inspired ALBA Alliance. The
alliance also seeks to enhance its economic activities in East and
Southeast Asia, thereby falling in line with Western efforts to
position its forces against China at its periphery. Germany was given
observer status at the Pacific Alliance and is intensifying military
cooperation with its members.


By piotrbein