Tracy Turner: Hollywood Jewish Supremacy and Racism by Jews

Hollywood Jewish Supremacy and Racism by Jews


Tracy Turner



Hollywood Jewish Supremacy and Racism by Jews against non-Jews is easy to hate; whether it is the Jewish Uber-Game-show host doling out financial crumbs to the financially lesser non-Jew or the villain Jew juxta-positioned with the Jew-hero-savior – the mind-numbing tedium of Hollywood has only worsened. The 4-5 Jewish “television companies” and/or movie companies bombard us with the elite posing as the elite via fashionistas, gossip shows, awards from the elite to the elite. Their content is second grade but somehow that makes the weather girl in the tight dress equal to Einstein…?


Hollywood Jewish Supremacy concocts TV shows such as NCIS and Criminal Minds that portrays the Federal Government as kind, loving and intelligent. The military industrial presence is portrayed as benign and protective. Ordinary “Law and Boredom” cops only break the law for the greater good of their departments and we, the public.


Hollywood has endowed itself with Caucasoid-appearance “Africans” who are 3 parts or whiter as it chatters the words “racial diversity”. R.D. also mutilates the eyelids of “so-called” Asian women, surgically mutilated to be “more Jewish”. One of the Caucasoidal African American “talk show” hosts sports an IQ/Vocabulary well below triple digits. God forbid Hollywood give her job to a High IQ black woman with black skin.


Most genre of Hollywood is bad… …But among the worst is the stray dog/lost dog-cat jumping shows. Such “shows” reveal the naked armpits and arse of “national society” and revel in the stink of stupidity. But clicking the remote only brings Jews enacting stale old site gags with canned laughter recording – familial sit coms where every character is a Jewish face spewing out Bar Mitzvah jokes. Occasionally a circumcision joke from 1960 is thrown in to make the show “fresh and new”.


Another fresh and new approach to ad revenue is shows with Hollywood High School or Elementary School Jew heroes. The Jew is held up as some societal Uber-Hero in between bouts of canned laughter. But for the “science-minded”, numerous “Forsenikle” Science (Forensic Science) shows brainwash the myth that cops are scientific saints and that most murders are solved with “forseniks”. The Jewish man and woman ignore their sexual tension and thus save society from the evil that in real life is usually an unsolved homicide. This pseudo science including dogs pawing dirt is held up as immutable fact; meanwhile most murders in America go unsolved. The shows are to brainwash potential jurors.


Hollywood churns out concocted propaganda including: law enforcement, law, banks, spying on civilians, big Pharma drugs, food and GMO’s, the list is literally endless.


Even the children’s cartoons are Jewish Supremacist-tainted; Hollywood claims it hires 35% non-Jews but the people in front of the camera and in the rolling credits are 75-95% Jewish Supremacists.


One of the morning “science” shows had a Barbie-blonde Caucasoidal-black woman put fake fecal matter in front of the camera for those who cannot find the hot water nob and bleach container. We may be in the dark about Ukraine and Afghanistan, but we are all up to speed on fake fecal matter. The brainwashing was to use bleach and hot water on an extra-empty load. The “science” was obvious consumerist brainwashing to use more laundry soap. Why are 80-90% or more of the TV “Scientists” Jewish? Why are their lackeys so often Asian females with mutilated eyelids or bleach-blonde “black” women with pale-almond skin?


The morals shows are the worst, the Jews Phil and Springer both making fun of and attempting to “enlighten” Gentile society. When did God appoint Jewish talk show hosts the arbiters of all things Gentile and moral? The commercials with these shows are primarily GMO foods, drugs, loan sharks and the laundry soaps that look like candy poison a child every 10-11 minutes.

Hollywood’s drug-pushing, Big Pharma objectives help drug companies spend 9 dollars out of ten on advertising, 1 dollar out of 10 in research. Big Pharma pills cause 45 American deaths per sixty minutes (one U.S. pill(s) related death every 90 seconds).






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