:) MUST READ Netanyahu’s book: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terror

From: bronek
Date: March 2, 2015 9:05:04 AM PST (CA)
To: Piotr Bein
Subject: Fwd: Must reading- Netanyahu’s Book (Soul)

This was composed years ago. It’s still valid and depicts Netanyahu’s soul and servants.


Fighting Terrorism, How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terror
by Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu

Intro- Only those suffering from myopia can’t see that the last US election was an Amerobarometr of dissatisfaction with the cenzura and predatory kapitalism (monopolio). Like it or not, the facts are Obama was elected because, via TV, he represented hope and change.  Mankind has entered a new age. Citizens around our planet are sick of the neokonski war provokator, carnage and weapons of mass delusion.  People are generally good. They want to stop okupacji. They don’t like cenzura or credit card usury permitted by the komitet of viperous politicos.  This brief is about the errata ignominiosa (cock ups) that brought the Imperium Americanum to where is is today. Enjoy.


This is an unusual behavioral cookbook. It’s unknown to the decent happy-go-lucky soccer moms. However, the smiley preeminent Washington political chefs all have a copy. It’s about ingredients for preparing psyche cuisine.  It’s to be served to the American segment of mankind. Allowing the wrong pot and kettle components to amalgamate can result in mild to moderate impairment(s). The consequence of not having any restraints in eating can be deadly. Those crunching this study should abide to heeding advice.

The recipe was prepared by Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu.  Ben’s not a J-Street guy. In the divide et impera world (divide and conquer) he’s an “us against them” boy. Further, Benji’s not just a leading figure in today’s contemporary Zionistic hierarchy.  Mr. Netanyahu was a former Israeli ambassador. He’s an ideological head of the esteemed neocon goodniks. He’s the Middle East equivalent of WMD-architect Paul Wolfowitz.  The title of Bibi’s book is quite long:  Fighting Terrorism, How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terror.

Primarily, Benji’s world is that of globalsyjonizm’s aristokraty. He sells his social leper ideas of servitude to a self-serving paranoid La CessPool Grande. This element resembles the evolucja of feudal lords once known for relegating alien battles to their lower hierarchy of crop slave peasants.

Bibi’s book has been proof-corrected by colleagues in Israeli academia. The labour is a scary pseudo-intellectual Neanderthal concoction intended for lawyers  camouflaged  as people’s representatives on Capital Hill. On the way to Netanyahu’s restaurant, political junkies will get a jolly view from the yellow brick road constructed by this advocate of enticing work and riches out of Amdom.

The book costs $17 and has been simultaneously published in the USA and Canada in addition to other places.  The first edition is printed by Harper Collins.  This review reduces 152 pages to 6 or 7 depending on how long a grandchild sleeps. It’s really a brief for the crowd on overload.

As you read this time saving brief, think of greed. Go beyond the Congo-Senate’s hoodwinking of hedge fund and out sourcing games. Think of  life.

The author begins by noting that terrorism is international.  He refers to bombings of the World Trade Center in Manhattan and Oklahoma City.  He advances by noting that there have been “terrorist attacks in Beirut and Buenos Aires.”   Netanyahu tells us that he has been involved in the battle against terrorism nearly his entire adult life.

He’s not only one of the founders of an institute devoted to his perceived evils of terrorism; this Chief of Israelis was a soldier in Z special forces.  His 1986 book, Terrorism:  How the West Can Be Won, had many principles that were admired in Western capitals.  In fact they were adopted by the US during the Reagan administration. This resulted in a sea of arms/ jets to the Zionist state and (2) bombing of those rejecting unreasonable Zionistic demands.

Tens of thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of foreigners  -actually millions-  have lost their lives due to adhering to messages from  Benjamin Netanyahu and his disciples. President Carter was allowed to be publicly slandered over domestic TV by the dual loyalists  -Sayanim-  supporting Israeli Chief Began. Like Obama, Carter rejected Zionism. So what does  Zydoglobalist Benny Netanyahu have to say?

Readers discover that traditional violence was generally conducted by gangs.  The goal is/was to achieve financial gains.  Bibi’s 101 lesson teaches that terrorism is to achieve political ends.  Gangsters generally kill other gangsters.  Terrorism harms common citizens.  According to Netanyahu’s lingua franca, the message of terrorism is that anyone can be a victim.  Therefore, no US citizen is safe.  This is vital for metropolitan Americans to acknowledge.

Immediately the author refers to “Ghoulish Crimes Committed against humanity”  and descends to WWII.  From there we go to the hell horror of the Baader-Meinhof fraction seeking to build a new German society.  He tells us about vile graft. It requires no ideological persuasion.  It speaks in the language of money, which, according to Netanyahu, is the universal persuader.  The reason Baader-Meinhof failed was because it couldn’t win the hearts and minds of German youth.  In Italy organized crime was not concerned with political ideals, just intimidation. It sought to advance corruption.  In America, the “world’s greatest democracy, terrorism has had some success.”

Netanyahu wants us to know that education is vital.  For example, the Soviet Union was unable to recruit the average John Doe.  It was, however, notes Bibi, able to recruit those ambulating  through its gates at the Embassy (due to the motivation of money).  For some reason the author wants us to know about racist fringe groups such as the Ku-Klux -Klan and Aryan Nations. It’s unknown why the book contains nothing about the syjonistyczny Apartheid policies of Tel Aviv or the second  Z occupation of Palestine.

This Israeli Premier then goes on to talk about US gun freaks and those against Washington’s tax system.  The Posse Comitatus was a group that referred to Zionists and the IRS.  Then there were books such as Dr. William Pierce’s The Turner Diaries.  There were allegations by these fringe groups that Zionists not only had influence, but there were other evil doers such as the Trilateral Commission.

In 1982 a white separatist, Randy Weaver, fought it out with Federal Agents.  In 1993 the FBI attacked a compound in Waco Texas.  In Waco 70 Christian cultists were killed (p.17). One Militia Handbook (FL) denoted that there was “enough violence and bloodshed in attacks on Christian Americans.”  It called on its members to buy ammo.  Bo Gritz founded a community in Idaho and sought the execution of traders who ordered the assaults on the Weavers and Waco.  A fellow in Michigan, Norman Olson, thought that rebellion would come unless the US changed. Bibi tells readers that the language of patriotic ideology was the kind of stuff used by Timothy McVeigh (responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing).

Benjamin Netanyahu writes that nothing justifies terrorism.  He elaborates on Auschwitz and Dachau. The author notes that a million babies were gassed.  Thus, terrorism attacks the very foundations of western civilization.  He reminds us that John Paul II said that killing is a sin.  “Understanding” the personal hangups of Nazi leaders advanced the case for total war against Nazism, but it never had become an excuse to weaken the resolve for “fighting Nazism as a absolute evil.”  Citizens of free societies must be told again and again that “terrorists are savage beasts of pray, and should be treated as such.”  Enemies should be given no intellectual quarter (p.72).

Netanyahu’s lexicon indicates that the US is especially capable of monitoring activities.  It has “technical capabilities of formidable eavesdropping and photographic capabilities.”   “Movements and activities can be observed.”

Although the book is poorly written, perhaps due to time constraints, it is an excellent source for learning. It’s about the intellectual chow required in travel for obtaining US political success by elite components of Capital Hill (as the Bush family). It explains why it is necessary to increase secret police agencies to spy on citizens and alter laws (habeas corpus). It’s all about giving you a good deal  -for protection.

It’s uncanny noticing the correlation of Netanyahu’s thoughts, on surveillance and curtailing liberties, with those of Leon Trotsky. Bibi’s philosophy for Amdom kinda reminds one of the Pavlik Morozov cult. For those not-in-the-know, Morozov was a Slavic youngster who denounced his dad, during collectivization. Pavlik (Paul) was killed by his father’s brother  -PM’s own uncle! This was an era when police systems recruited collaborators and unemployed impoverished citizens were queuing up to denounce others. Soon extrinsic ideology dominated native regional populations.

Netanyahu, who resides in the occupied West Bank, lectures his readers about civil liberties.  We learn that there is a need for an extensive use of “watchmen and undercover security personnel.”  These people should  “scrutinize individuals approaching likely targets.”

Bibi knows Capital Hill hears the wishes of Jews. Ben comprehends that the AIPAC alone has over 100,000 members with a budget of over $60 million! He understands that the AIPAC has a $140 endowment, with over 300 staffers, including an army of lobbyists (labouring across the USA). AIPAC is in bed with Congress and the Pentagon bureaucrats. It’s more than a myth of globalsyjonizm and power. Jews, representing about one percent of America’s population, have Passover at the White House (Culture Wars, Nov., 2009). Hebrews have a huge Washington Holocaust Museum and a national American Holocaust schooling network (to educate tiny children). That’s why over 7,000 elite, including more than half the Senate and Congress, cheer at the huge AIPAC annual banquet. For a real education on Zionistic clout Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s book is a must buy.

We read that in Israel much of the adult population contains army reservists.  Many of them carry small arms.  This prevents terror attacks.  Society should be prepared for an assault that may come (p.28).  Passive measures against terror may be particularly affective in a small country like Israel. However, passive limitations are of limited use in a big country like the US, “which has thousands of airports.”

In countries such as Britain, France and Germany there is little choice, but to adopt an active posture against terror.  Technological advantages should be put in the hands of law enforcement agencies.  Activities must be monitored.  Individuals should be analyzed. It’s indicated that there should be a pooling of intelligence on nature, goals and technical capacity for citizens having the potential for violence.

Netanyahu tells his readers that “preemptive surveillance search and seizure, interrogation and, detentions are necessary.”  He knows that there are moral and legal questions involved about the privacy of the individual. However, he lectures that the safety of the state is more important.  Bibi ties in abortion clinic bombers with Islam. These things have to be properly monitored.

If US Federal Agencies do not fight terrorism they endanger citizenry.  An interesting thing, which appears to be a most blatant lie, is BN’s canard on page 30.  Here we read about one of the constraints imposed on the FBI. It “prohibits law enforcement officials from using government funds” to “buy militant publications in order to study for threats.”  The author informs that if an official were to pay for a newsletter out of his own pocket, he could not store the clippings in a government facility. Why? Because such rudimentary intelligence gathering is considered an “infringement” on liberties. He then goes on with more double talk that resembles Leningrad news speak.

During the Vietnam War Era the FBI was able to investigate crimes that were committed in the past (or were being “planned”).  “In 1982 a neo-Nazi terrorist group had a campaign for bombing cars of US GIs.” It did eventually turn “on Israeli targets in Vienna, Amsterdam and Geneva.”

We learn about neo-Nazi terrorism that spawned in 1980.  We read, “While some neo-Nazi groups had  clearly began to practice terror, their association with attacks against American GIs could not be explained (p. 32).

Walter Hexel and Odfreid Hepp, German radicals, published a fare well to Hitlerism.  They renounced hostility toward the Russians and identified American Imperialism as a bigger danger. Hexel and Hepp were eventually found to have PLO sympathies and to have been trained by the PLO (p. 32).

Netanyahu writes that the belief in freedom of speech and religion can not be absolutes.  Such would be tantamount to replacing one kind of violation of rights with another.  In 1973, after IRA violence, British police were able to arrest, search and provide seizure without a warrant.

For Germany, readers discover  “the moment of truth came in 1976.”  This was due to the kidnapping and murder of an industrialist.  The result was a revolution in criminal law.  It gave German police a Home Land Security right to “extend detention without any warrant.”  It allowed them to “remove constraints on search and seizure.”

In 1970 Canada was faced with the Quebecois Liberation Front.  Canadians responded by evoking the War Measures Act.

Perhaps the most striking example was provided by the US.  BN tells his audience that Washington curtailed many civil liberties in the face of  potential terrorist activity by Saddam Hussein.  Saddam had stockpiles of weapons which he claimed could incinerate half of Israel (p. 37).

Then, there was the PLO. It could join in an unprecedented wave of anti-Western “Mayhem for Saddam.”  We read that the Bush administration concluded that “there was no choice and ordered a crackdown.”  This included surveillance, searches, interrogations and even expulsions en Masse of diplomats, PLO sympathizers and potential agents of terror (p. 39).  The Bush Administration’s War was a  “victory for Western Security Services.”

-To be continued-


A grisly postscript to the Bush endeavors took place in Greece. Students killed themselves. Yet, we read that it can be seen that education has provided a “revision showing that society cannot guarantee freedom of speech, assembly, the bearing of arms, and political asylum, as if such were absolutes.”  Netanyahu tells us they are and cannot be absolutes.  It’s written that the co-conspirers in the WTC bombing entered the US as refugees.  We read that nationalist militia and neo-Nazis continue activities in the US (p.41).  The author narrates that the idea of absolute civil liberty should be tempered by political realities (p.42).

Here, Netanyahu takes us Americans on a ride through our history.  Abraham Lincoln, curtailed civil liberties because of war.  Like President Bush, Lincoln also suspended habeas corpus (p. 44).

We read that during WWII the Supreme Court upheld rulings about American citizens suspected of engaging in activities beneficial to Nazis.  Even the “mass interments of Japanese Americans during the war demonstrates necessities.”  The author tells us that there are examples that the American Judicial System is able to distinguish peaceful circumstances from war.

Mr. Netanyahu tells us that this willingness to take responsibility is a hallmark of a mature culture.  Netanyahu shows that he’s a great man in the eyes of many.  He informs us that although special powers are required to turn the tide of terrorism, law enforcement officials should demonstrate that their special powers are justified.  He narrates that the most important factor in regulating the conduct of counter terrorism is the power of our free press and the right of citizens to vote their government out of power (p. 48).

The author goes on to tell us about the successes against terrorists.  The terrorist must realize that he will not be protected.  He informs us that in 1979 he organized the first international congress against terrorism.  He goes into the philosophical roots of terrorism.  We learn about Italian extremists, Nazis and Czech Intelligence services.

Perhaps the most notorious contemporary terrorist was Carlos the Jackal.  His real name was Ramirez Sanchez.  He had worked for the KGB in Venezuela. Sanchez had been influenced by Reds.

Ben then skips back to the Middle East. Arabia has been an enemy of the West for centuries.  Arab regimes have embarked upon a terrorist campaign  against American and Western targets.  The Jewish communities in Palestine were subjected to campaigns of terror from the 1920s on (p.58).

Then along came Arafat. He realized that Arab states could not produce a winning campaign against Israel. Thus, he solidified PLO ties with the USSR and Fidel Castro.  Havana and the Soviet Bloc provided a place for refuge.

In short, the world had a Soviet, PLO Axis.  It got so bad that Japanese Gunmen massacred pilgrims in Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport.  Moreover, Italian terrorists were smuggling weapons.  In addition to this, German terrorists assisted the PLO (Hepps Neo-Nazi Group).

Moving on we see that evil Qaddafi said the West had colonized the Arab world.  In 1982 Israel invaded the PLO in Lebanon and destroyed that “kingdom of terror.”

The author then writes that the Jonathan Institute, named after his brother, was founded.  It was to educate free societies against terrorism.  It was to teach them about fighting terrorism.  The Jonathan’s Institute held an international conference, in Jerusalem. It stipulated that terrorism was being waged against the West. Among the participants were Senator Henry Jackson and George Bush (then a candidate for US presidency).

The Second Jonathan Institute Conference was held in Washington (1984).  The participants, included the elite running Washington Politics. It called for political, economic and military sanctions against states involved in terrorism. We read that the proceedings were edited by Netanyahu into a book (Terrorism How the West Can Win). At the conference Netanyahu lectured about the need for direct military action against terrorist states.  His thoughts were printed in American media and read by prominent members of the American government.  The Arab press in turn, blamed Netanyahu for actions against their countries.

Mr. Netanyahu writes that in his tenure as a diplomate he realized the key against terror was to have Americans led the battle (p. 65).  He tells us that Israel payed an important part in persuading the US to adopt  this stance.  In the military sphere, Israel served as an example in the uncompromising fight against terrorism.  At that time the Reagan administration contained George Schultz, Secretary of State.  Schultz was a good friend of Netanyahu.  When Ben was ambassador in Washington, he kept  contacts with Schultz.  “Every opportunity was taken diplomatically, economically and even militarily against global terrorism.”

Schultz was particularly shaken by car bombings against America in 1983 Beirut.  Schultz told Netanyahu “these terrorists are not human beings they are animals.” (See the soul of Schultz on page 68)

Schultz and President Reagan ordered sanctions against terrorist states such as Libya, Syria and evil Iran.  They went after the PLO for murdering Leon Klinghoffer while Leon was on the cruise ship Achille Lauro (1985).  Americans bombed Qaddafi, nearly taking his life. The author forgets a pertinent part of the bombing; mainly, the French, who deemed the indigenous Palestinians owned their native land, had their embassy bombed.

When Netanyahu was Israel’s ambassador to the UN, he was able to receive sensitive information. This was because of his friendship with Schultz.  US representatives at the UN even called on Netanyahu to learn “how the USA should proceed.”

In 1987 Congress passed anti-terrorist legislation.  The representatives of the American people, said that the PLO threatened the US and its allies (p. 72). It is here that Netanyahu tells us about the Rise of Militant Islam in the USA and the world (p. 75). In Germany the authorities let up pressure on neo-Nazis and they began to have a renaissance of sorts (p. 76). Further, Hezbollah, a terrorist force in Lebanon, launched attacks against Israel. It was suspected of involvement in a number of bombings around the world, including the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community building in Buenoa Aires. There, 258 lives were lost and hundreds more were wounded.

Together the Iranians and Hezbollah have begun nurturing additional groups. In 1991 Teheran had a conference in which terrorists from 40 countries attended. Iran has virtually gone unscathed.

It’s been a tough battle. Americans alone have poured billions of dollars into Afghanistan, fighting terrorists.

In our era the political parties in Syria and Iraq were modeled after Pan-German nationalism (p. 85). Pan-Arabism even supported Nazi achievements in Europe and collaborated with Hitler during WWII, against GB.  Egyptian President Nasser, a supporter of Arabic unity, said, “We are confronting the West as well as Israel, which created Israel and despised us Arabs.” It was this school of thought that molded Yasir Arafat’s PLO (p. 86). There were even cliches about “colonialism.” All this was directed against Israel.

Bibi’s take on the history of Arabia, is almost childish. We read that some “ignorant folks believe hostility” by the Islamic and Arabic world against the USA is a contemporary phenomenon. Netanyahu writes that some think it’s the result of Washington’s support for the Zionist state. According to him, nothing could be further from the truth (p. 82). The enmity towards the West goes back centuries, before contemporary Israel was born.

Arab propagandists say that if Israel had not come into being Arab relationship with the West would be harmonious. Netanyahu wants us to know this is not true. Netanyahu tells us (p. 87) that, “The soldiers of militant Islam and Pan Arabism do not hate the West because of Israel; they hate Israel because of the West.”

-To be continued-


“Zionism,” we read is  “an expression and representation of Western Civilization.”  Arabs think Israel is a Western tool to be used against them (p. 87).  Bibi writes that the PLO offers not the peace of the weak, but the peace of Saladin. For those not in the know, Saladin fought the Crusaders. Saddam Hussein was ready to play the part of the Great Redeemer (p. 88). Hussein was no match for the West.

Further, some terrorists fight their own US-friendly governments in a jihad. Pan-Arab and pro-PLO regimes have been painfully punished by America. Look at the British and American bombings of Libya, or the Allied effort against Iraq. The flourishing culture of Islamic terrorism in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Gaza, so far, have not met the total wrath of Washington and the West (p. 89). Yet, this terror has spread to targets in Europe and South and North America. Today many European countries have “expanding Muslim communities and ghettos in Berlin, Paris, Marseilles and the German and French Muslim communities number in the millions.” (p. 89).

“And as the Muslim communities grow in the West, a widening fringe” becomes “susceptible to infection by the message” of militant Islam (p. 90). There have been weapon smuggling by Italians. Germany has become an epicenter of militant activities (p. 91). There is a two-million strong Turkish community in Germany. “Hezbollah and Hamas” have an organizational base in Germany (p. 91). “Istanbul itself has been the site of repeated acts of terrorism against Jewish and Israeli targets.” In 1986 machine guns were used against the crowded Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul (21 people died!).

Moreover, the hatred is so extensive that “an Israeli embassy security officer was murdered.” Rockets were fired at a car of an Israeli official. There was an attempt to “assassinate the head of the Turkish Jewish” community (p. 92). The “German-based Turkish-European organizations” were insisting that “the Jews are enemies of humanity.”

The Turkish branch of a party (RP) won 19% of the votes in local Turkish elections (p. 93). One Turkish anti-Israeli group has 400 branches and claims over 30,000 members. It is easy to see the unreasonable global hate against Jews. This sick hate can be seen within Europe, including Britain. Other than the US, it seemed the whole world hated Jews.

Hate groups even went after famous Jews. In November 1990 an Egyptian immigrant within the USA was charged with killing Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York (p. 94).

Read this chapter to the end of Bib’s book. Netanyahu indicates it’s not the Israelis that are vile; it’s the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Arabia, Islam, Muslims and their sympathizers. Americans had better watch out and protect themselves. As I was reading this book, news spoke of Hezbollah against the USA.

It’s alleged that Muslims were going to blow up the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels. This proves there is a network of Islamic terror groups in the United States. To show Americans how dangerous the situation was, PBS aired a program. It was about Islamic terrorists in America. These groups included Hamas, Hezbollah, cells of Mujahedin and others (p. 95). It’s shown that these so called terrorist cells were endangering Americans all over the USA from Tampa to Detroit, to Brooklyn to Chicago…

A Palestinian-American from Chicago was arrested in Israel. His crime: Purchasing weapon to murder people. In the West there is a Muslim element that’s found a “hinterland necessary to serve as a base for terror.” Netanyahu writes (p. 96) that, “While the United States is certainly not a state sponsor of terror, it has nonetheless become an unwitting incubator of terror.”

He continues, “And it can only be a matter of time before this terror is turned inward against the United States, the leader of the West and the country responsible in the eyes of militant Muslims for creating Israel and maintaining the supposedly heretical Arab regimes.”

Abdullah Azzam, a former CIA supporter, helped the CIA-backed resistance of the Afghanistan rebels into success against the USSR. Yet, in 1989 he was (also) a keynote speaker who spoke of willpower that springs from religious belief! Netanyahu said that, “while the US struggles against the rising threat of domestic terror at home, a new tide of international terror has arisen.” We read it is a “worldwide network of hate, possessing money, weapons and safe havens…” Netanyahu, the Jewish leader of peace, warns, over and over, about the vile dangers facing America (p. 98).

On page 99 the readership discovers “The Gaza Syndrome.” Gaza is one the the world’s most important places for terrorism. It’s PLO wants to establish a “state of Palestine.” Where? On Israeli territory (p. 101). Israel has strived to achieve peace with Gaza (p. 101). Unfortunately, it has about a million residents. A large number of these Gaza Palestinians, according to Netanyahu, “are refugees with a history of terrorism, which competes with that of Lebanon.”

“Gaza’s economy grew 400% in the years of Israeli administration.” The author uses the word administration rather than occupation. It must sound better to US politicians. We are informed that Israelis were so good that they wanted to build modern apartment buildings for Gaza Palestinians.

Unfortunately, Palestinians have harbored a sick hate towards Israelis. In the end, only 11,000 families were selected for new apartment blocks. “Over the years Gaza has become a symbol to Israelis as a lair of some of the most rabid Jew-haters.” (p. 103)

In 1994 Yasir Arafat and tens of thousands of new Palestinians arrived in Gaza, with PLO flags and weapons. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat got the Nobel Peace Prize. This resulted in an increase of anti-Israeli terrorism. After Oslo, 123 Israelis were killed compared to 67 prior to Oslo (p. 105). The author mocks those obtaining the Nobel Prize. It was “the lowest point in the history of the prize.”  It reduced it’s “moral worth.”

Netanyahu’s book indicates that Western society didn’t know plenty. For example, to hear Yasir Arafat, speaking in Arabic, one would understand he took the same position as that by Abbas Zaki, a PLO security chief. In other words, negotiations are only a means for a further step. Here the author lectures about revolutionaries in Algeria and Vietnam.  Eventually the French were driven out of Algeria and the French and US out of Vietnam. It seems Bibi fears hostilities against governments (revolution).

On page 106 Netanyahu refers to a Pal noted as “Abu Hitler.”  A few lines down and the reader’s eyes catch the lexicon of Palestinians wanting authority over every place where Zionists are. In downtown Jerusalem and Tel Aviv there was “carnage” caused by Palestinians (p. 107).

It’s so bad that suicide attacks have to be mentioned. Netanyahu tells Americans that to “understand how Gaza under the PLO facilitated terror, it is enough to imagine how terrorism would multiply in the US if, say Wichita, Kansas were a free terror zone, Gaza style. After bombing in Oklahoma City, Timothy McVeigh, or others like him, could escape…” Over and over he lets us know that they should be no means of escape for enemies.

Today terrorists in France, Italy and Germany can’t escape. In Britain and Spain they could find refuge in Northern Ireland and the Basque region.

A few pages later Netanyahu again informs Americans, that “Hamas militants agreed to ease up on terrorism, or at least not to wage it around Gaza, so as to permit Arafat to extend the Palestinian domains to the suburbs of Israel’s major cities.” Readers are truly educated that Pals should not be given land. The reason: “It will one day be used to attack Jews.” On the same page (p. 117) we read that “Gaza has already been transformed into one of the leading centers of pro-Teheran sentiment outside of Iran…” Arafat, according to Netanyahu, was so vile that he “glorified suicide bombers.”

-To be continued-


Netanyahu writes that “Gaza under Arafat” established two links: Westward (towards the US and Europe); and (2) eastward (through Hezbollah) to Iran. Iran is a pertinent feature in Netanyahu’s makeup. This brings us near the end of Netanyahu’s dissertation. His last chapter is entitled, believe it or not, “The Specter of Nuclear Terrorism.” Here he does not mention the kidnaping of a decent Jew who was nabbed in Europe as a whistle blower. Mordechai Vanunu tried to warn mankind about dangerous Israeli nukes posing a threat to humanity. Instead of speaking about Israeli nukes, Mr. BN diverts and redirections attention to Iran.

“Iran has two nuclear reactor sites.” “The first, at Busheir, was supplied by Germans, when Iran was ruled by the Shah.” When the Ayatollah took over cooperation and work was stopped (p. 121).

The reactor at Busheir was bombed by Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War (p. 122). The author does not refer to Tel Aviv prodding Washington to supply both sides expanding the carnage. Netanyahu emphasizes Hussein is a hypocrite: “Saddam condemned Israelis for their attacks on his reactor at Osiraq.”

How dangerous is Iran to the global community? Well, Netanyahu wants Americans to know that it reached an agreement with China to assist in providing reactors. This was a deal that Washington had to block (p. 122).

Iran has two institutes that are allowed to conduct nuclear research. It also has its own uranium mine and even a processing plant. He tells us that it would only be a matter of time before Iran would be able to assemble nuclear weapons (p. 123). Iran could “one day plunge the world into the abyss.”  On the same page he goes on emphasizing that, “It would be seen as the greatest of anti-Western weapons, even more powerful than the oil weapon at its height, and a providential sign that Allah had not abandoned his faithful.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, on the next page tells Americans how Iran could use nuclear weapons. It could threaten the West just as Saddam did. If Saddam Hussein had an Atomic bomb there would have been no Gulf War. “He would have made it clear that he was prepared to strike at Allied forces with nuclear weapons; or that he would destroy the oil-loading facilities of the Persian Gulf; or that he would bomb the Straits of Hormuz…”

In “the worst of scenarios, the consequences could be not a car bomb but a nuclear bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center.” Netanyahu wrote this in 1995! Remember this was before 911!  He wants us to know that “Hezbollah and Hamas” have “no qualms about blowing themselves up.” The “trouble with militant Islam is that it appears to be an irrational goal being pursued irrationally.”

On page 127 Bibi wrote, “once Iran has nuclear weapons, there is nothing to say that it will not move to greater adventurism and irrationality rather than greater responsibility.” He continues to note that Iran “could threaten the United States, or Britain or France…”

He wants us to know that “entire cities could be held hostage.” For us to better understand the problem facing Americans, he refers to Germans: “Nazism sixty years ago was directed against the Jews and other local minorities. But soon it was evident that its creed swept wildfire throughout Europe and the world.”

We read that we should “consider what would have happened had Hitler succeeded in his own quest for a nuclear capability. When his scientists invented the V-2, he had no qualms whatsoever about raining them down in deadly payloads on downtown London.”

Netanyahu writes that “today, for the second time in modern times, we are faced with the possibility that an irrational movement might come into possession of weapons of mass annihilation.” On the last section of this chapter he wants us to realize that if such vile people have WMDs, “Oklahoma City will look like a children’s game” (p. 128).

The last chapter tells Americans and Westerners how to deal with this problem facing Western Civilization. First we have to recognize the nature of the threat. Next we have to act on how to defeat it (p. 130). On the next page we see, “Western leaders have a responsibility to resist the tendency for passivity.”  “Oppose bad things when they are small -was the motto of Israel Zangwill, one of the first leaders of the modern Jewish national movement at the beginning of this century.”

Netanyahu’s book is  “a plea for action.” The Clinton administration responded. It moved to prevent Russia from supplying Iran with gas centrifuges (p. 132). Netanyahu advocates “necessity of action directed against suppliers” and notes the policing “must be led by the United States.”

He wants the USA to insist upon certain laws and international behavior (p. 133). This can be enforced. The huge “Soviet Union was largely moved to permit Jews to begin emigrating during the 1970s when Congress passed the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, linking Soviet trade with the United States to freedom of emigrating.”

We are told that countries need to change their laws, impose diplomatic, economic and military rules on those harbouring terrorist ideas (p. 134). When such was “systematically applied against Libya and Iraq it had measurable success.” He continues by noting that “embassies can be closed down.” If this fails, “the possibility of military strikes such as those delivered against Libya…” could be considered (p. 134). He mentions “oil-exporting is virtually a single-crop economy” (p. 135).

Netanyahu is a unique Zionist. He writes that both the Iron Curtain and South African regimes were brought down by Western policy.

Benjamin Netanyahu mentions dangerous spots such as training facilities in Lebanon. According to him, these groups target Jews around the world. Terrorist enclaves need to be neutralized (p. 136). Financial assets need to be frozen. Breeding grounds of  Hamas, Hezbollah, Mujahedin and others need to have ideological sponsors stopped (p. 137). Police communities need to share more data.

It is pertinent to revise legislation to enable greater surveillance of citizens against organizations with the potential for inciting violence. There needs to be periodic renewals of surveillance. Here, much of Netanyahu’s concerns have been expressed by Home Land Security organizations around the globe. Apparently these politically crafted agencies want the best for their societies. On page 140 it’s written that certain fund-raising and channeling of funds has to be outlawed. The next few pages refer to the duty for further surveillance and intelligence gathering. The author seems to be obsessed with the need for surveillance.

Laws need to be loosed. Search and seizure, detention and interrogation may be necessary without a warrant, where there is suspicion. The cost of the book is paid for in worth with just these few pages from Netanyahu’s soul. He continues by noting that “strict and prompt judicial oversight of such actions can serve as a sufficient deterrent to most government abuses,” “but it is important to experiment…”

-To be continued-


By reading these few pages one can comprehend Pals and other chosen enemies and their predicament with no heabus corpus. Makes one think of Z networking and bureaucrats going after a professor (who lectured in a university and churches about the need for a more balanced US policy); and (2) political thought prisoner Ernst Zundel. Mr. Zundel lived peacefully for years in Tenn. He also expressed incorrect ideas via freedom of thought.

Netanyahu wants gun restrictions, tighter gun control, a registry of weapons. He tells us that Israeli law requires careful licensing of handguns and prohibits the ownership of more powerful weapons (p. 141). On the same page he writes, “The continued existence in the US of heavily armed anti-government militias numbering thousands of members is a grotesque distortion of the idea of civil freedom, which should be brought to a speedy end.”

He tells his Washington and world readership that it is “well known that terrorists from the Middle East have made the US, Germany, Italy and other countries” into terrorist havens (p. 142). Thus, Netanyahu wants us to tighten immigration laws. We must “actively pursue.” (p. 143). When he tells us we should “not release jailed terrorists,” one thinks of the innocent Prof. Al-Arian of Tampa. He was found innocent by a court of citizens. The US government found a loop hole to retain him in incarceration. Israelis were flown to the US to assist the CIA in translations of the professors emails.

The book wants the US to train special forces. This is  to fight terrorism for the West.

It is most important  -most vital-  to educate the public (p. 146). He writes, “By preparing terrorism education programs for various age groups and including them in the school curriculum, the government can educate the population against the impulse to give in when faced with protracted terrorist pressure.”

He continues by noting Washington should, “create a citizenry which is capable of living with terror -not the sense of accepting terror, but rather in the sense of understanding what is needed for society to survive…”

It’s emphasized over and over that we should never negotiate with terrorists. The entire US population should stand behind Washington to never negotiate with suspected terrorists (p. 147).

Conclusion –  Recently, as our President and the President of Iran were engaged in UN debate, Mr. Netanyahu appeared on national US TV to plead his case and diplomatically mock Obama. His phenotype appeared British and he was elegantly dressed. He obtained a prime-time audience that would have been impossible for most other diplomatics. No negative catch-all questions were elicited by TV personalities. This speaks volumes.

Those deeming Zionists are vile should consider putting their ears to the ground. Edward Kennedy, American icon Senator, has praised Netanyahu. Kennedy wrote on the back cover of BN’s book that it’s “required reading for anyone who wants to have an intellectual discussion about terrorism.”

Senator Bob Dole wrote on Benjamin Netanyahu’s hardback cover: “Before we can do anything really effective to contain and eliminate terrorism, we have to understand it  -in moral, historical and practical terms. This book is an excellent road map to understanding in all three of those terms.”

With citizens being locked up at an unprecedented rate, surveillance being more sophisticated than ever and habeas corpus being revamped   -for our own good-   Americans and the world can be thankful for our internal Zionists and their concerns. We have gotten to where we are because of the Reagan Administration and Presidents Clinton and Bush I and II. Goals of the Aristokraty have advanced beyond our wildest dreams.

Netanyahu’s work is a study in why there’s no peace on our planet.

By piotrbein