Germany criticizes NATO propaganda against Russia

From: German-Foreign-Policy <>
Date: March 10, 2015 1:57:34 PM PDT (CA)
Subject: Newsletter 2015/03/09 – Dangerous Propaganda (NATO propaganda against Russia)

Newsletter 2015/03/09 – Dangerous Propaganda

BERLIN/WASHINGTON (Own report) – The German news magazine “Der
Spiegel” reported in its latest edition that the German chancellery is
accusing NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Philip
Breedlove, of making “dangerous propaganda.” According to the German
government, Breedlove is completely exaggerating Russia’s military
activities in Eastern Ukraine. He claims having detected Russian
military equipment, including tanks and air defense systems in
Ukraine. Germany’s foreign intelligence agency BND, however, could
neither detect these in their own satellite imagery nor acquire
adequate information from its allied US intelligence services.
Breedlove has also completely exaggerated the number of Russian troops
at the Ukrainian border. However, the German government has also
repeatedly used this type of propaganda, for example during the
aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999. The German government’s
criticism of Breedlove, reported by “Der Spiegel,” reflects the
strategic differences between Washington and Berlin. Germany’s “dual
strategy” approach toward Russia, taken from the West’s cold war
strategy, is incompatible with the policy of unbridled aggression,
championed by the war hawk wing of the US establishment. Breedlove,
who is now being criticized by Germany, is a representative of this


By piotrbein