Harper calls Muslim face-covering veil ‘anti-women’ unacceptable

PB: What business of any prime minister is it what one does with one’s face?! How dare he judge other cultures, this Judaized lackey of the Jew cabal who allows Jew corporations to rob our resources,  destroy natural environment and  civil rights and liberties, and who supports the genocidal illegit Zionist usurping entity in Palestine as well as the Kiev Jew junta of Jew oligarchs and global Jew scum!

Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

Where is this SOB prime minister to demand that:

– radiation fallout levels from Fukushima be measured and communicated to Canadians!

– GMO be banned forever, GMO poison foods and feeds labelled, and all GMO crops eradicated from Canada!

– the parasite Chineses immigration praying on speculation and mafia businesses that (1) makes real estate unaffordable to Canadians (2) ‘commute’ to China while paying no income tax in Canada, and (3) crowds our public space and infrastructure that we finace from our taxes — be stopped immediately!

– etc.!!!



By piotrbein