Jew intel murdered Berezovsky as he was about to hand Putin evidence of a coup plot

Exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky was murdered
because he was about to hand Putin evidence
of a coup plot, claims former head of security
“Sergei Sokolov, Beresovsky’s former
head of security, says he did not commit
suicide but was murdered by Western

secret services linked to the plan to
overthrow the Kremlin leader.”
“Beresovsky [a close associate of the
Jew Nemtsov recently assassinated
in Moscow] was in close contact with
MI6, Mossad and the CIA.  But when
he became dangerous for their recruited
residents such as Russian politicians and
oligarchs, the Western secret services
decided to get rid of him.”
“Berezovsky had round the clock security,
CCTV cameras around the house.  A fly
would not make it.  And on the day of his
death all the security guards vanished,
CCTV cameras were switched off…”
“His personal guard and driver Avi Navam
[Mossad Jew from I$raHell] would later
‘find’ his body in the locked bathroom.”

By piotrbein