Was German Co-Pilot Lubitz a JEW HOMO?


Was German Co-Pilot Lubitz a JEW HOMO? – by INCOG MAN


COMMENT by CounterBias

Why did the Germanwings A320 pilot
Andreas Lubitz decide to commit
murder-suicide taking the passengers
and crew with him?…  Was it because
he regarded them all as ‘goyim’ –
‘subhuman cattle’ – even though
his family was associated with the
Evangelical Church – and his mother
was even a church organist?…
Yet he is rumoured to have visited
I$raHell ten times (!) last year alone.
And perhaps it’s the conspicuous
profusion of the Holoko$t memorials
in Germany that caused this already
dangerously sick little guy to nosedive –
quite literally – in such a way as he did.
Was it then a ‘Holoko$t revenge’ or a
‘gay avenger’ action?…  In any case,
the Jew Hollywood hate propaganda
more or less legitimized this treacherous
and cowardly mass murder.  Little wonder,
no Jew TV network would mention
either I$raHell or sodomy or the flagrant
incitement by the Jew Hollywood.  When,
back in the 1960s, a Jewess in Prague
viciously ploughed her car into a crowd
of pedestrians, murdering six of them,
the Jew Rothschilds’ BBC quite
sympathetically quoted her own
statement to the effect that she was
trying to avenge “the Jews, the Gypsies
and the beggars of the world”…
Germanwings A320 near Barcelonnette …
The flight originating in Barcelona
tragically ended near Barcelonnette –
‘little Barcelona’…  If this is not purely
accidental, then that makes it a pretty
obvious Satanic joke – a joke typical
of the grasping creatures of Satan.
There was no bomb aboard the aircraft.
However, dumb bombs are the work
of amateur terrorists and their secret
police imitators.  A fly-by-wire aircraft
such as an Airbus can be just as easily
brought down by a software bomb –
and far more discreetly, too.
The circuits allegedly physically switched
by Andreas Lubitz could have been also
switched electronically, subsequent to
the pilot having been put asleep by a
release of a certain chemical substance –
effectuated on command received by
any standard satellite phone, which
could have also been used as an
eavesdropping device prior to the attack.
And if it’s technically possible at all to
take over the flight control wirelessly –
and it is, as has been demonstrated
just the other day – then a blackmailable
closet queer of a pilot could have been
simply loaded up with an appropriate
apparatus under the guise of
a ‘harmless contraband’…
Did Lufthansa/Germanwings recently
refuse a ‘most attractive offer’ of
an I$raeli ‘security firm’ or failed
to purchase an ‘advantageous
I$raeli software package’?…
Aren’t you getting those parasitic
Jewish ‘security scan’ offers every
time you are on the Net – always
accompanied by threats to leave
you ‘without protection’ – and did
your computer actually slow down
to a snail’s pace?…   Perhaps I
clicked on one button too many,
when I downloaded AVG a few
months ago.  Before long, it went on
to demand ‘protection money’…
So I started uninstalling it.  It then
offered me an ‘AVG AntiVirus Free’,
except that the link for the latter led
into a dead end.  So I uninstalled AVG.
And a very similar story with McAfee.
Never pay the gangsters one cent!
NB. Sixteen German schoolkids and
two teachers aboard this Airbus were
murdered by the multikulti  politics,
when they were sent to Spain for no
better reason than that of linguistic
exchange,  as if no such exchange
could be conducted virtually  in this
global village.  The kids SMS’d they
couldn’t wait to get back home…

By piotrbein