Germany and Greece

From: German-Foreign-Policy <>
Date: March 31, 2015 1:01:53 PM PDT (CA)
Subject: Newsletter 2015/03/30 – Among Vultures (Germany and Greece)

Newsletter 2015/03/30 – Among Vultures

BERLIN/ATHENS (Own report) – The Greek government’s continued
resistance is placing numerous German projects for restructuring the
Greek economy and administration in jeopardy. In the short term, these
projects – under the auspices of the German Foreign Ministry and
Germany’s Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) – are
aimed at overcoming German production bottlenecks by using idle Greek
suppliers and unemployed workers. The medium-term action program
includes siphoning finances from Greek municipalities and providing
the German health system cheap Greek auxiliaries (“Nursing Leave on
Rhodes Island”). To comply with future higher requirements, Athens is
being asked to establish an “innovation system” to form a network
between “science, economy, and administration” to create
“business-friendly structures.” These measures will be coordinated by
the German-Greek Assembly (DGV), working allegedly in the “spirit of a
grassroots movement.” The DGV has no legal function and is registered
under a German government address. Disguised as a civil society
organization, while also serving the German Foreign Ministry and its
“German-Greek Youth Foundation,” the DGV was established by the German
Chancellery during the first peak in the so-called debt crisis.


By piotrbein