California water police state & other NaturalNews 2.4.2015

Gov. Brown orders California to become a water police state as region begins reverting to uninhabitable desert
California is quickly reverting to its natural state – desert lands. Wells are drying up; water tables are dropping, even the land is sinking.

Gov. Brown just announced mandatory water restrictions as part of an emergency plan to preserve the state’s shrinking water resources. But it won’t work.

Here’s why California is headed for a water collapse that will cause food prices to skyrocket across the country:


How many babies have supposedly died from “shaken baby syndrome” when the damage to their brain was caused by vaccines?…

Filipino farmers are standing up to biotech imperialism and saying no to GMOs:…

You know how garlic starts sprouting when you don’t use fast enough? Don’t throw it away; that’s when garlic is at its best.…


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