German bombers bomb Yemen

From: German-Foreign-Policy <>
Date: April 15, 2015 1:38:44 PM PDT (CA)
Subject: Newsletter 2015/04/15 – In Flames (II) (War in Yemen)

Newsletter 2015/04/15 – In Flames (II)

SANAA/RIYADH/BERLIN (Own report) – Saudi Arabia is using German
fighter planes to wage its aerial warfare in Yemen. This has been
reported in several Arabian Peninsula news articles independently from
one another. According to these articles, the Eurofighter, which
German arms manufacturers have played a significant role producing,
are being used to carry out so-called precision bombing of the Houthi
rebels. The Saudi-led aggression coalition, which is receiving
military and intelligence aid from the USA, is also politically
supported by Berlin. This war, causing a humanitarian catastrophe, is
geostrategic in nature. Saudi Arabia’s ruling clan and the West are
seeking to prevent Iran from gaining influence through the Houthis on
the Arabian Peninsula. However, it is unclear whether the Houthis are
even acting in Iran’s interests. But, according experts, it is clear
that the Al Qaeda network, whose Yemeni wing claimed responsibility
for the terrorist attacks in Paris last January, will be the main
beneficiary of this war. The West – Germany included – is deliberately
risking al Qaeda’s reinforcement.


By piotrbein