Ed-note (Sabba) – In my humble opinion, this EXCELLENT article forgets one crucial point: the religious aspect of this fight between Christian Russia and the USA / NATO.

Russia, Mother Russia, the Third Rome, has reconnected deeply with her Christian roots and it is this element, more than any other, which drives jewish owned/controlled America and EU to the verge of a nervous breakdown.

The war to come, more than any other war, is a war of religions.

It is a war which the Synagogue of Satan has declared upon Mankind in general and the Christians in particular, more than 2000 years ago. The main goal? Total destruction of the Christian faith, world, civilization, memory.

And there can only be one winner. It is either us or them; we either win or die or live like real slaves (each one of them has been promised 2800 slaves after their messiah comes to bring total jewish world domination).  

Organized jewish power are in it to win; Christian Russia, to their most unpleasant surprise, is also in it to win. The question is: how about the ‘Christian’ West?

Will they embark in an unholy Crusade against Christian Orthodoxy or will shake off the yoke of jewish occupation/domination?

The writer talks about Washington, the USA, NATO, the EU: he does not mention the jewish state/AIPAC/jewish lobbies once.  


By piotrbein