Putin: Let Him Be Judged By His Fruits, not by the Jewish media’s lies about him

Putin: Let Him Be Judged By His Fruits

Putin: Let Him Be Judged By His Fruits

. . . by Ungenius

This is a comment by ‘Ungenius’ on the previous article, Putin As Rescuer: Will He Deliver Us From The Evil Empire. This excellent overview pretty much represents my own position. I ask ‘Ungenius’ to forgive me for any unauthorized editorial changes I have made to his comment, but these were made to clarify and reinforce his position.  (LD)


Putin should be judged by his fruits,
not by the Jewish media’s lies about him.

Is Putin a rescuer for the world? Of course not, but he is in the way of global tyranny by the Jewish money power.

It is obvious that the Jewish West wants the Russian leader  to be tempted into using military force in response to the US/NATO destabilization efforts in Ukraine and Syria. Putin has not taken the bait which indicates that the planned WWIII the Jews want so badly is not taking place.

The most logical reason Putin is not taking the bait is the Russian alliance with China.

China has been undermining the Jewish money power for the past 25 years or so, but the Chinese are not quite ready for the destruction of the Jewish money power system. Russia provides military resistance and distraction tactics to the Jewish money power while China finishes its planned monetary coup of the Jewish money power. Defeat of the global Jewish money power can be accomplished without massive bloodshed if China and Russia can show both strength and patience while pushing the Jewish money power into a position of powerless isolation.

One of the things that distracts and weakens the Jewish money power is the influence of religion, in particular the strong impact of Orthodox Christianity on the Russian people.  The Jews do not forgive, and they certainly do not forget. The pressure being applied to Russia stems from the fact  that Russia is the heart of Orthodox Christianity. This has been a major factor  in suppressing or curtailing  Jewish power during the Byzantine Empire for about 1200 years.

It is the Russian Orthodox Christian Church, not the Roman Catholic Church, that the Jews speak of in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  This is the deadly enemy they seek to suppress.

The Russian Orthodox Christian Church remained organized as described in the New Testament and represents the strongest religious resistance to Jewish control.

Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church unfortunately strayed from that form of strict organization, resulting in the split in 1049 AD when the Pope became the supreme leader of the Western branch of Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church. This enabled international Jewry, thanks to the machinations of the Rothschild dynasty,  to assume control of the Vatican treasury in 1823.

The Jews have dreamed of killing off Christianity for 2000 years and eliminating the powerful influence of Jesus Christ on the minds of millions. The Jewish obsession with this goal of destroying Christianity, and the  traditional moral values which Christianity espouses, is their true weakness and distraction.

One simple way of knowing that Putin is a Russian Orthodox Christian is what he did when he visited Israel a few years ago. He visited Christian holy places. He did not visit the Wailing Wall like all the Jewish stooges do.

According to a person I know who spoke directly with Putin’s wife while they were visiting in the USA years ago, Putin considers his primary responsibility the same as that of the Czars: protection of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church.

Since China has been experiencing an extraordinary explosion of Christianity in the past 15-20 years, and since China has given Christianity a green light to expand — with much less government oversight than in the USA — this could be part of the reason that Putin has allied Russia with China.

Together, working in unison and pursuing a common goal, Russia and China could well bring international Jewry to its knees.

Be sure of one thing: Putin definitely stands in the way of the Jewish money power. The Jews regard Putin as their principal enemy and would love to see him dead.

By piotrbein