:) Jew comments to revelations on Kosher Nostra


  1. Малой России, от Москвы до Лондона Telaviv, мы не боимся Ю. Pussys мальчиков задницы коровы даже кубинцы и итальянцы есть понимание, как и Нью-Йорке полиция, –

  2. ———————————————————-
    mafia- We mafia, you morons think that we do not know who you are, and may post Ya lies and anti semtic tone, in Russia they are afraid of us, Jews armed Jews who for you carelittle anti semtic bastards, we cut out your hearts to feed the Russian them to our dogs, came to Odessa asshole, we give UA Gulag welcome I never forget,
    Little Russia, from Moscow to London Telaviv, we are not afraid Yu Pussys boys ass cow even the Cubans and Italians have an understanding of how and New York police –

    Only fools are “not afraid”. Thus they live a violent but short life.

  3. Listen here jew: The current year in Russia is 7521. Your time in Russia has come to an end. The true Russian history is emerging, healing many people from Talmudic poison. And all those people are getting very eager to force-feed your lot with Zyclon-B.

    You are not welcomed in Russia, not even as fertilizer. That’s why you are hiding your jewish ass somewhere in US or Israel.

    And remember this, jew, – no one is afraid of your jewish filth here in Russia. You jews is just a bunch of dastardly, cowardly parasites – you are not a warriors. Hell, you are not even a humans.

    And no real Russian or Ukranian can stand a Jew. You are too filthy. Forget about Big Russia or Little Russia – it is NOT YOUR HOME and NEVER
    WILL BE.

    P.S. About your “jewish home”: Long time ago (964 a.d.) Knyaz Svetoslav has destroyed your little jewish kaganat called Khazaria, and it looks like we need to finish your current one
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    Хотя… и в Израиле тоже. Сдохни сволочь.


Barry Sowhat  May 11, 2013 at 2:25 pm  An interesting thesis, that the Boston Marathon terrorist event was organised by the Jewish Mafia as a warning and prod to the US government to attack Iran. However, this doesn’t explain why (a) it would be necessary if the Jews hold the casting vote in Washington in any case and (b) it was such a poorly staged farce, brimming with such obvious anomalies that might risk upturning the cart.

It is nice to think there are hidden “white hats” in influential positions struggling away to thwart the machinations of the Zionist scourge and its robot minions before the end zone, the prime directive to prevent at all costs the order issuing for massive Iranian strike with extreme prejudice. I’m more inclined to think it makes a good narrative for a video game, but that the actual situation is somewhat more dire.

  1. Good point, but there’s a flaw in your logic.

    How does a smart murderer commit the “perfect murder”? He makes it look as if the murder were committed by a bungler. No one would dream a genius was behind the murder precisely because he has made it look like only a fool could have done it.

    If Mossad were behind the Boston bombing, for example, the last thing they would wish is to give is to give it a sophisticated Mossad “signature”. They’d try and make it look amateurish. The work of two no-hoper patsies.

Seymour Zak May 11, 2013 at 1:09 pm  This article appears to be well-written. It has no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, but it is factually unsound. The Jewish mafia, if it exists, has never been a threat to America. This is the first time I’ve heard these absurd allegations made.

Seymour Zak May 11, 2013 at 1:13 pm  The people Darkmoon mentions as being Jewish, such as Semion Mogilevich, are neither Jewish nor Israeli. Mogilevich is a Roman Catholic Christian masquerading as a Hungarian Jew so as to bring Jews into disrepute. This is basically a papal plot to make Jews look bad. As a Roman Catholic Christian, Darkmoon is part of this anti-Semitic conspiracy. She is obviously a member of Opus Dei, a Catholic terrorist organization determined to produce another Holocaust.

Readers must not be misled by Darkmoon’s pleasing literary style and veneer of classical erudition. Underneath the glitzy surface, we see a profoundly disturbed individual lurking, a person definitely in need of psychiatric treatment.

Seymour Zak May 11, 2013 at 1:20 pm   The Boston Marathon bombing is simply what the authorities say it is: an act of pure terrorism carried out by two unspeakably vile Muslms who prove that murder is on the mind of every Muslim in America, if not in the world. The Koran teaches murder and hatred of Jews. It is an evil book like the Protocols of Zion and it should be banned.

I am sick and tired of lecturing the people on this site.

Go to your local Holocaust museum and see what atrocities the German did. Then try and realize that, deep down in your soul, you are no better. If you are a non-Jew, you have murder marinating in your heart. “The world wants to wipe out jews,” Cynthia Ozick once said. “The world has always wanted to wipe out Jews.” (See “All the World Wants the Jews Dead,” (Esquire magazine, November 1974).

These sentiments are echoed by the great Elie Wiesel who said of Auschwitz that it represented “the failure of two thousand years of Christian civilization.”

Truly, my friends, you people here need senstivity training.

Consider the noble words of Abraham Foxman and weep — he wrote these words in 1994 in his article Schindler’s List — the Meaning of Spielberg’s Film: “The Holocaust is not simply one example of genocide but a nearly successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself.”

Yes, this is what Mr Foxman says, and I for one agree with him: the attempted genocide of God’s chosen people was an attempt by the goyim to assasinate God himself.

It’s a good thing the goyim failed. As they are doomed to do if they should try again. Which I would not advise.

Depart from me into everlasting fire, ye goyim scum, may ye perish in your abominations and in the vile secretions of your suppurating sores!

HermeticWonderer   May 14, 2013 at 4:21 pm  In regards to seymour – remember everybody – Israel employs people through the JIDL (Jewish Internet Defense League) http://www.thejidf.org/ to peruse websites and “bash” articles or comments which they deem inappropriate or which put Israel in a negative light. Let’s all blow this guy love and send him our compassion because he is obviously lacking in both.

Let us also remember that it is the ZIONISTS who masquerade as Jewish and in effect sell out the actual Jewish people who fight against the Zionist regime. Zionism is a political movement and is at the heart of all the seemingly “Jewish” propaganda, negativity, hate and reprise. Do not turn on the Jewish people who are AGAINST Israel (Rothschild Zionist Land) and all that it stands for. After all, at the end of the day, your either on the side of good and Love or your not, period.

Rick July 29, 2014 at 2:04 am  The Jewish Bankster MAFIA exists over the top of ALL organized crime and ties them together with money. A small group with endless money controls via the countries leaders and threats to their children.

This has little to do with the Jewish MAFIAs discussed here other than the former owns the latter via access to great wealth.

frankly Speaking   May 11, 2013 at 1:08 pm  This article is extraordianry, Lasha. I was reading “The Jewish Cerntury” last year, and that fine book is much more dedicated to the peaceful, lawful and yet still sinister effects of superior Jewish intellects lording it over bovine Goy consumerist morons. THIS article cuts right through the obfuscatory stuff to the ultimate underlayment of America’s demise. Americans created themselves on the positivist, optimist and consumerist model. Emma Lazurus (herself a Jew!) had it right, as did the Puritan fathers: if we built a shining city upon a hill, the miserable victims of conniviners through the millenia would flock here from decadent and cruel Europe.

Sadly, naifs do not a wise country make. We have not educated ourselves to the omnipresent wolves amongst us. What the Jews lacked in individual physical strength, they made up in wisdom, numbers, strategy, etc. Above all, there underlay a highly vibrant hatred of the Goyim. Americans specialize in producing people who are, in many ways, like ravenous, schooling fish. Show us something shiny, or even something we don’t, at the present, possess, and we become nearly blind in our drive to acquire it. Never sensing the bigger picture, always believing the best of our fellow man, we step right into the pit.

My father, by far and away one of the kindest, most brilliant men I have ever known, had this blind spot. He could never believe that his business partners were out to deprive him and his ilk of their rightful share. He finally partnered with a Jew, and it was like going to the Met Museum for the first time. The Jew saved him from any number and variety of malicious schemes built into contracts or monetary provisions. He became a fast friend of our family’s because we could point to the commencement of our “good times” with his joining my father’s investment business.

His name was Karl—(“no relation to Marx”, he would joke)—-and his most memorable line, uttered within earshot of my sister and I was: “Never, EVER trust a Jew—and always, ALWAYS partner up with one! We hate Goys, but we hate our more evil selves MORE!!!”.

Now THAT was an instructive admission! Having read your article I now know why Karl despised Jews.

frankly Speaking May 11, 2013 at 5:37 pm  Well, Lisle—I’d love to have a blog, but am, computerly speaking, a Luddite. I’m actually (from time to time), an artist, and what got me so interested in Lasha and this site was her vibrant complaint about the Jews taking over the economics of art-sales (through galleries, etc.) and running it into the(ir) gutter. Many has been the time I have tried to sell my (purely representational or realistic) canvasses, only to be told by some Jewess in charge of a gallery that “THAT type of painting doesn’t sell”). The paradigmatic example or pinnacle of this destruction of fine painting is, of course, the Guggenheim Museum and/or the “MOMART”. Only a few artists were able to buck this tide—notable the Wyeths in PA and ME. I have a little place in Maine and that may be where I have to finish my art career.
My dad used to call “modern jazz” “Jew-music”…..and so it is! 😀 All the Dadaist, Cubist and similar trash, plus architectural Brutalism and stark modern Gropius-inspired boxes, was Jew- inspired because they themselves wanted to see the reduction and destruction of the soaring elegance of western art and architecture. It existed as a deathless taunt to their artless selves. Music was their only triumph (and only as performers of the existing masterworks), but they failed miserably in the other arts, and so they attacked them—very effectively, as it turned out.

There was, way back at the founding of Plein Air magazine, an editorial by its founder/editor which EXCORIATED this trend toward monopolization, debasing and purposeful destruction of realistic (and REAL!) painterly art. He all but laid it on the doorstep of the Jews.

I wrote an earlier response here where I tried to explain my view of how the johnny-come-lately, non-assimilating. endogamic Jews lusted for the destruction of every society which ever made the monumental error of hosting them. Note that certain rapacious bioforms consume “host” organisms.

Having said all that, I have had in my life, as cited earlier on this site, many Jews who have saved me from medical and other disasters. Therefore, I am ambivalent and perhaps lack the vehemence of Lasha’s Legions. Nonetheless, I am not blind to the ageless and incessant war that the Jews have waged on Western civilization. Ironically, that very civilization which has channeled their innate genius and rendered them rich beyond our wildest aspirations. The Jews are, beyond all other considerations, an unhealthily INTENSE people.

I once asked a Jewish friend why he was so neurotic and he answered “angst”—fear, worry, etc. And I asked him why his people were so afflicted with this. His answer? “Guilt”. Guilt for what the Jews have done to their well-meaning neighbors and hosts.

frankly Speaking  May 11, 2013 at 6:02 pm  I have forever tried to explain to Holocaust-doubters that it did, indeed, occur. However, my old history-department head—himself a strident Jew—-DEMANDED that I teach, nay, EMPHASIZE, the Holocaust in my teaching. You want someone to do something, you’d best not DEMAND that they do it. I would mildy query: “Which holocaust, the smaller Nazi one, or the COLOSSAL one, foisted upon millions by COMMUNISM.

You Jews on this site MUST come to grips with several truths. Jews have been, on balance, arrayed against the canons of western brilliance, be it in art, music, architecture, political philosophy or engineering.

What my father considered the iconoclastic weapons in the Jews’ repetoire were several “isms”—socialism, communism, modernism, liberalism and Freudianism. Each one of these has had a tremendous erosive impact on what has stood as a marvelous civilization, people and material/artistic legacy.

So, if you are willing to look at Marx and Engels and what they foisted upon us—look at the stupifying numerical superiority of the communist holocausts, before you start Weiselian shaming of us goys.

I have no idea why modern Jews jump so lustily into the politics of oppression, but they certainly do so with the intention of “change”. Of course they ALWAYS want to change the Goy status quo—they attack it relentlessly—even as it ironically enriches them.

I had Barney Frank as a dean in my dormitory at college. I used to sit nearby, aghast, as he forklifted mouthful after mouthful of food into his mouth, which, as if by some miracle, never stopped bleating out those “truths” he felt constituted the only hope of mankind—-i.e. state socialistic control of money, freedom, freewill, what have you. If there ever was a perfect label to lay upon modern Jewish-inspired socialistic liberalism, it would be “hypocrisy”. Michael Moore isn’t Jewish but he’s perhaps the archtype of this disgusting dual personality.

Yes, the holocaust did occur, but I’ve demoted it to a lower-case name, because the REAL Holocaust was the one that communism dealt to its citizens. Six million v.s. a few HUNDRED MILLION. And never doubt that the collectivist impulse, the totalitarian drive and its murderous suppression of any heterodoxical viewpoint or action can be ulitmately laid upon the doorstop of the Jews and their unthinking accolytes.

Beware the Utopians, they will kill us all……….

Rehmat  May 15, 2013 at 2:25 pm   After the death of king Solomon (928), his kingdom was divided amongst his two sons. One son kept the name Judea, but the other son changeed Samara to ‘Israel’. Assyrian destroyed the kingdom of Israel in 721 BC. Kingdom of Judah was destroyed by Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC, who took over 25,000 Israelites as slaves to Babylon and demolished the Temple of Solomon. Persians conquered Babylonia in 539 BC and allowed Israelites to return and construct a new temple. In 63 BC, Palestine was incorporated into the Roman Empire. Roman Emperor Titus demolished the second temple in 70 CE. During 330-638 CE, Palestine came under Christian Byzantine rule. Islam’s second Khalifa Omar ibn al-Khattaab took control of Jerusalem and ended the Byzantine rule in 638 CE. Palestine remained under the rule of Muslim Umayyad Khalifas in Damascus, who constructed the Dome of the Rock (‘Abd al-Malik, 685-705) and Al-Aqsa in its current shape (al-Walid, 705-715). From 750-1258 CE, Palestine was administered from Baghdad by Muslim Abbasid Khalifas. The Mamluks succeeded the Ayyubis in 1260 CE. Palestine was incorporated into the Ottoman state and administered from Istanbul from 1516-1917 CE.

The Zionist Jews have coined similar lie about their “Holy Wailing Wall”. http://rehmat1.com/2011/08/12/the-%E2%80%98wailing-wall%E2%80%99-is-not-jewish/

Astraea Shaw  May 13, 2013 at 1:52 pm   It is good to see someone puttin inverted comma around “israel” I also just call it “the Jewish state”.
The ancient Isrealite Kingdom (destroyed utterly and completely by the Syrians when Ahab (whose wife was Jezebel) annoyed the mighty Syrians in some way) had absolutely nothing to do with any such people as the Habiru or Hebrews, and they kept a tight border against Judea because it was invested with thieves and robbers.

I wonder why these Ashkenaze Jews so deceitfully called their artificial state “Israel.” ?

Joe  May 16, 2013 at 6:37 pm   Good website to learn about present day “terrorism”. Yes, “terrorism” was started at very high levels of government — both the governments in the West [Israel, US, UK mostly], and also Arab governments [Saudia Arabia is the epitome of a an Arab “Zionist” government ] There’re a lot of Arab “Zionists” . The Arab jihadist serve Zionism — whether they realize it or not. Those who are the top leaders of The Muslim Brotherhood know it fully well. http://www.terrorism-illuminati.com/content/complete-online-version

That’s why the Israelis are scared shit of Hezbollah. Hezbollah is NOT a Zionist-owned-funded-controlled army, true patriots for their people ; And that’s why the Israelis are scared shit of Iran — Iran is not Zionist occupied.

J M Damon  May 11, 2013 at 6:03 pm   Why does Mr. ZaK persist in referring to “Holocaust” rather than “Holocausts?” In Jewish religious lore there have been countless “Holocausts” since Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego passed unscathed through King Nebuchadnezzar ‘s fiery furnaces. In addition to the “Holocaust” of World War II, the New York Times and other Jewish publications reported at least two other “Holocausts” of six million in the 20th Century, for a total of at least18 million murdered Jews. See the New York Times 11 June 1900, page 7 and NYT 12 Nov 1919, p. 7. For the True Believer, the idea that 18 million Jews could be murdered without decreasing world Jewish population is apparently proof of divine favor…

  1. This is what you will read in the opening paragraphs of Irmin Vinson’s essay, Holocaust Commemoration:

    “Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List concludes with a sentimental epigraph, labeled as a quotation from the Talmud: “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” This declaration of humane universalism is appealing to many, and it became part of the publicity campaign for the film, but it is not genuinely Jewish.

    As historian Peter Novick reports, in his informative The Holocaust in American Life, “the traditional version, the one taught in all Orthodox yeshivot, speaks of ‘whoever saves one life of Israel.’” The traditional Talmudic text thus stands in stark contrast to Spielberg’s epigraph. To save one Jewish life (“one life of Israel”) is to save the entire world, because in Jehovah’s eyes Jewish lives are infinitely precious and non-Jewish lives are not.

    Far from teaching the brotherhood of man, the Talmud teaches a Jewish supremacy so absolute that a single Jewish life is deemed as valuable as the totality of all other lives.

    The Talmud, Judaism’s most sacred document, exists in two major recensions. The apparently universalist text that Schindler’s List quotes appears in the Jerusalem Talmud, [but] the strikingly ethnocentric text [is found] in the authoritative Babylonian Talmud.

    The latter, the real Talmud, contains the definitive text taught in all Orthodox religious schools and memorized by generations of studious young Jews, but less than a moment’s reflection will disclose the practical impossibility of including, in a film addressed to a non-Jewish audience, a Talmudic aphorism that so markedly depreciates non-Jewish lives.

    Spielberg prudently chose instead to present Judaism as a universalist faith with an extravagant notion of the value of each individual life, a Semitic brand of Christianity. He was not teaching a Jewish moral lesson but rather an exaggerated piece of Christian humanism, Talmudic tribal wisdom turned on its head for the educational benefit of non-Jews, reflecting their religious traditions, not his own.

    The chasm between genuine Talmudic ethnocentrism and Spielberg’s bogus Talmudic universalism reveals some significant issues in the marketing of the Jewish Holocaust,” Irmin Vinson concludes.

    In other words, Spielberg was falsifying the quote, because the real quote in the Babylonian Talmud says: “Whoever saves one life IN ISRAEL (i.e., one JEWISH life), saves the entire world.”

    See here: http://www.counter-currents.com/2011/06/holocaust-commemoration/

    1. “Toward the end of the movie, Schindler is shown being presented with an inscribed gold ring by the Jews he rescued. We are told that the inscription is from the Talmud, “He who saves a single life, saves the entire world.” (This quotation also appears on posters advertising Schindler’s List in video stores and schools, apparently having been selected as the film’s motto by its promoters).

      The saying has a nice, warm, humanistic tenor, but there’s just one problem: that’s not what the Talmud says. The actual Talmud verse states, “Whosoever preserves a single soul of Israel, Scripture ascribes to him as if he had preserved a complete world” (Tractate Sanhedrin 37a). The Talmud only praises the saving of Jewish lives. In Spielberg’s non-stop deception, even the documented contents of Jewish books are falsified.”


      Hoffman’s recently finished a mammoth book on the Talmud which portrays it as it truly is – “Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit”


      No rabbi will debate with Hoffman because they know he knows, that Jews are deceptive individuals who like a conman who keeps two ledgers of sales; one false account for the taxman and one true for themselves, their life is a charade in what they think about the goy and what they really think about the goy.

      To understand the Talmud one has to read the ‘non watered’ down version (the one the rabbi keeps hidden) not the one rabbis today like to use to defend with against attacks from goyim who join the dots. After all, the reason why the goy must be killed for reading the talmud is because Jews know that in them doing so would be volatile to their very existence, as they would understand the hatred of jewish hatred of non jews and their desire to be rulers of the world with the non jews their servants to with as they please.

    2. I would very much like to see an open debate with Hoffman, rabbis and other knowledgeable individuals, not just on the hatred and authoritarianism within the Babylonian Talmud but on WW2, the holocaust and the New World Order. However I truly doubt any rabbi would take up the challenge, for their Talmud would be exposed for what it truly is along with Judaism itself.

By piotrbein