Airbus A400M crash limits Germany’s global military intervention capabilities

Newsletter 2015/05/11 – Crash with Consequences

BERLIN/MOSCOW (Own report) – Saturday’s crash of an Airbus A400M
transporter near Seville, Spain, has put a damper on Germany’s
ambitions of developing autonomous global military intervention
capabilities. The military transport plane had been destined to
replace the German Bundeswehr’s current Transall airlifters, designed
in the 1960s for relatively short-ranged European combat scenarios,
therefore hardly applicable for global warfare assignments of the
future. With years of delay and numerous technical problems,
Saturday’s crash means another delay for the German Air Force’s
conversion to the A400M. It is, nevertheless, still unclear whether
the plane can cover all the functions, it was supposed to fulfill.
Paris is already considering the purchase of US transporters. Should
this happen, German-European ambitions of becoming completely
autonomous in their global military interventions would be confronted
with a new set of problems. In any case, for the time being the
Bundeswehr will remain dependent upon Russian support for transporting
their combat material to their theaters of mission. Last December, a
contract to this effect, reached in 2006 with a Russian-Ukrainian
joint venture, was renewed. The contract stipulates the conditions for
use of the Russian-made Antonov Transporter carriers for relocating
German combat material.


By piotrbein