German experts: re-arm NATO in Europe w. nuclear weapons, supply uranium munitions to Germany against Russian tanks

Newsletter 2015/05/13 – The Renaissance of the West (II)

BERLIN (Own report) – German military experts have initiated a debate
on NATO’s nuclear rearmament. The Western war alliance has “become
more important” through the Ukraine crisis, wrote a high-ranking
specialist of the Federal Academy for Security Policy (BAKS) in Berlin
in a recently published discussion paper. In this context, “nuclear
deterrence” must again become a topic of discussion. The “entire
deterrence package” must put be on the agenda, not only nuclear arms
in general, but also Europe-based US nuclear weapons – not least of
all, those stored in Germany. Beyond the threat of nuclear war, the
danger of a further barbarization of future wars is looming in the
wake of the regeneration of the West. A former head of the Policy
Planning Staff of the German Defense Ministry is proposing that Berlin
consider procuring depleted uranium munitions for the Bundeswehr to
combat Russian tanks. Depleted uranium is extremely destructive, even
after their battlefield use. In Iraq for example, where NATO countries
used these weapons, vast areas are contaminated still today.


By piotrbein