War on Refugees (II)

Newsletter 2015/05/20 – War on Refugees (II)

BERLIN/TRIPOLI (Own report) – Libya’s government has resolutely
rejected the EU’s plans for a military operation aimed at terminating
the transit of refugees to Europe. No ventures will be allowed that
place the country’s sovereignty into question, announced a
spokesperson of the internationally recognized Libyan government,
located in Tobruk. Monday evening, the EU decided to make a four-step
military mission to Libya’s coastline, which, following an initial
phase of “reconnaissance,” the EU forces would begin regular
inspections of vessels, to then ultimately prepare the way for
military operations on Libyan territory. Those operations threaten to
lead to armed conflicts with the Libyan branch of the “Islamic State”
(IS), which, according to reports, has a strong business interest in
refugee smuggling. Thanks to the West having laid the groundwork by
overthrowing Libya’s long-time ruler Moammar al Gadhafi, the IS was
able to establish itself in Darnah, East Libya, as was reported in the
spring of 2011. The easiest and surest option of shutting down the
refugee smuggling business – permitting the refugees legal entry into
the EU – is being contemplated neither in Berlin nor in Brussels.


By piotrbein