Germany plans new arms deals with India to contain China

Newsletter 2015/05/26 – Contain China

NEW DELHI/COLOMBO/BERLIN (Own report) – Today, Tuesday, German
Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen will begin several days of
talks in New Delhi on questions of military and arms policies. India’s
new armament projects are the immediate reason for von der Leyen’s
visit. India wants, among other things, to construct German submarines
under license, and Berlin is seeking a more intensified cooperation in
foreign and military policy. This visit will prepare numerous
agreements, within the framework of the German-Indian government
consultations, scheduled for October. It takes place in the context of
India’s efforts to roll back China’s influence in the Indian Ocean –
an effort Berlin supports. Sri Lanka is a current point of contention
of this power struggle. Over the past few years, this strategically
important island nation has begun to ally itself closely with Beijing.
To avoid a too strong dependency on China, the new Sri Lankan
government – in office since January – is seeking to reduce its ties
to China and strengthen relations to the West. Last week, Frank-Walter
Steinmeier, Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, welcomed his Sri
Lankan counterpart in Berlin, to reinforce Germany’s position in Sri
Lanka – in light of the power struggle with Beijing.


By piotrbein