The West and the Islamic State

Newsletter 2015/05/28 – The Jihad’s Usefulness (II)

DAMASCUS/BAGHDAD/BERLIN (Own report) – A recently declassified memo of
the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reveals that the West had
supported the creation of the “Islamic State” (IS). Using jihadist
forces has been a Western tradition for decades, as the Afghanistan
war in the 1980s and an analysis of the Western power struggle with
Iran (especially since 2003) show. In the 1980s, western countries –
in collaboration with Saudi Arabia – had supported jihadists
associated with Osama bin Laden, to defeat Soviet military forces in
Afghanistan. Since at least ten years, they have been supporting Arab
jihadists in an effort to weaken Iran’s main allies. These activities,
accompanying the official “war on terror,” are “a very high-risk
venture,” warn US intelligence officials. Saudi Arabia, one of
Germany’s main allies in the Arab world, is playing a central role in
supporting jihadists.


By piotrbein