Germany’s search for alternatives to Russian resources

Newsletter 2015/06/02 – Independent of Moscow (I)

ALGIERS/BERLIN (Own report) – In its search for alternatives to
Russian oil and gas supplies, Germany has entered an “energy
partnership” with Algeria. Until now, Germany has hardly tapped that
country’s resources, which have great potential. Algeria is the
world’s sixth largest natural gas exporter and a significant oil
producer. The development of new sources is urgent. In light of the
West’s policy of escalation in regards to Moscow, Germany would like
to become less dependent on Russian energy resources. At the same
time, the Libyan civil war threatens to cut off completely one of
Germany’s most important sources of oil. Because of the nuclear
dispute with Iran, oil and gas imports from that country are not yet
feasible. The West’s aggressions and their repercussions are making
energy procurement increasingly difficult. The new energy partnership
with Algeria, which should help relieve this bottleneck, also offers
the beleaguered German solar energy sector the possibility to gain
ground on their Chinese rivals. German mechanical engineering and
construction can expect supplementary profits.


By piotrbein