German armament projects — Billions for European Wars

Newsletter 2015/06/10 – Billions for European Wars

BERLIN (Own report) – The German Defense Minister announced new
multi-billion Euro armament projects, aimed at Germany’s and the EU’s
greater independence from the USA. Ursula von der Leyen announced
yesterday that the Bundeswehr would purchase the Medium Extended Air
Defense System “MEADS” to replace the “Patriot” air defense system.
Whereas the “Patriot” system had to be imported entirely from the
United States, a consortium with significant German participation will
manufacture MEADS. It is estimated to cost about four billion Euros,
with another four billion having been already invested. With MEADS,
Germany would achieve more “autonomy in security policy,” according to
a CSU party military policy specialist. The German Navy will also
receive four MKS 180 multi-role warships worth around four billion
Euros, better suited for waging distant wars more effectively and over
more extended periods. Other armament projects, such as a
German-French battle tank, serve the consolidation of the EU’s arms
industries or – as with the “Euro-drone” – are aimed at achieving more
independence from the US arms industry. The A 400M Airbus airlifter
crash in early May is seen by observers in the context of these
efforts to achieve autonomy.


By piotrbein