To Win the Second Cold War

Newsletter 2015/06/24 – To Win the Second Cold War

BERLIN/MOSCOW (Own report) – A fellow of the German Council on Foreign
Relations (DGAP) advocates intensifying confrontation with Russia and
declaring organizations in EU countries, receiving support of Russian
citizens “agents of the aggressor.” In a recent paper, published by
the DGAP, Vladislav Inosemzev is calling for “the West to mobilize the
necessary resources to win the second cold war.” These include
political, but particularly economic measures. The steps proposed by
the DGAP fellow, would result in comprehensive economic warfare
against Russia and serious measures against “Putin’s apologists.”
Meanwhile, the discussion of policy towards Russia continues in
Berlin. Business circles insist on ending sanctions because they fear
billions in business losses and the loss of a strategic market. The
German government is therefore again contemplating concepts à la
“transformation through trade,” according to an insider. These
concepts aim at profitable business for German companies, in spite of
political confrontation – as in the first Cold War.


By piotrbein