Judeocentrics messed up Dr Trifkovic in Canada

PB: Congrats, Srdja! Are you just lucky that the feds have missed a court deadline?
On the facade, it’s Bosnian “Muslims”, but the real power behind them is exposed here:

Judeocentrics Behind Balkan Interventionism

Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

Without that patronage, Muslims could not do much, as in all “their” other matters: immigration, reversed racism on Whites and discrimination of Christians…

The present puppet gov’t in Ottawa (Harper was  elected illegally) is Judeocentric, as your ban case has proven. It is Judeocentric in support of all policies of the “Western” pack under Judeocentric control. The recent proof is Ottawa’s backing of and support for Kiev junta, that was brought to power by int’l and local Jew cabal.
So please (again!) don’t blame the “Muslims”. By doing so, you contribute to the hatred that the Judeocentrics have programmed between Muslims and Christians.


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It’s taken over four years, tens of thousands of dollars and a dozen trans-Atlantic trips but Srdja Trifkovic’s Canadian Kafkaesque ordeal of being banned to entering Canada is finally over. If you think  that it cannot happen to you, think twice. It only takes an interest group who opposes your view, a politically correct motive and a politician(s) who seek the group’s potential votes, and you might be in trouble.  What happened ? To find out “Monday’s Encounter” is joined by:
Dr. Srdja Trifkovic – Foreign Affairs Editor of Chronicles , historian, journalist and author of seven books.
Boba Borojevic  – Host /Producer
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Text here: Canada Entry Ban: I Have Finally Won

By piotrbein