Triumphant over Titus

Triumphant over Titus



ed note–as we have discussed several times on this website and accompanying radio program, 70 A.D.–the year that the Romans under the command of Titus marched into Jerusalem and destroyed the city (exactly as Jesus predicted, leaving ‘not one stone upon another’) is considered particularly heinous and hateful to Jews, since it was the cause of their ‘diaspora’ and subsequent ‘persecution’ for 2,000 years. They–driven by the ‘eye for an eye/tooth for a tooth’ mentality of the vengeful and vindictive nature of Judaism, have been waiting now 20 centuries for the day/hour that ‘the tribes of Israel’ would avenge themselves against the Romans for what took place.

The ‘regathering’ of Jews in Israel in the 20 century that was only made possible with the active participation of the West, namely Great Britain, France and then America, followed up by the incalculable sums of money, political and military support in driving the Arabs out for the benefit of Jews, brought forward to the present ‘war on terror’ is all part of the initial process of creating a new Judaic festival modeled on others such as Passover, Purim, Hannukuh, etc, that celebrate the destruction of Judea’s enemies. As the Jews see it, the West–including those places that later became ‘Western’ through the process of colonization such as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc–constitutes ‘modern Rome’ in the sense that the people, culture, and political systems making up these entities are ‘Roman’ in their origin. Their alphabets are Roman. Most of the various Western languages are Roman in that they descend either directly or indirectly from Latin. Their governments are based on the old Roman model of the Emperor, Senate, and the Plebeian Curiate Assembly. Probably the most striking similarity exists with the model of the United States, which adopted the eagle–the national symbol of Rome, along with its military and economic dominance of the world.

What the world is witnessing right now is a recreation of the same story of Passover, but with a ‘Roman’ twist, which someday the Jews hope will be written into their lore–as they did with ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and Assyria, whereby ‘Yahweh’, the violent, vengeance-seeking god of the Jews, destroyed yet another Gentile civilization who got sideways with his ‘chosen people’. After Judea’s destruction, Rome minted coins in every language of the realm celebrating it. Now, the Great Seal of the United States features a group of stars organized in the shape of the Judaic Star of David hovering above the eagle, representing Judaism’s superiority and dominance over the new Rome.

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By piotrbein