EU dictate on Greece

Newsletter 2015/07/15 – The Brussels Agreement

BERLIN/ROME/PARIS (Own report) – In several western and southern
European countries, the agreement on Greece reached in Brussels
signals a looming collapse of the continental post-war order and
Germany’s revival as an ostentatious dictatorial power. Whereas
social-democratic observers do not exclude an attenuation of the
contradictions, southern European conservative media are among those
who speak of a revival of German hegemonic ambitions, which had
largely determined or triggered the First and Second World Wars. The
consequences of the French-Italian submission during negotiations in
Brussels are generating those fears, because Paris had not succeeded
to and Rome had not even seriously attempted to thwart the German
dictates of sovereignty over Greece. Both, Italy and France are aware
of the dangers of becoming the next victim of German financial
dictatorship. They are competing for admission in a northern European
core Europe, whose membership will be decided by Berlin, in the case
of a possible collapse of the European Union. Current events are
directly linked to German foreign policy endeavors in the 1990s and
the territorial expansion of Germany’s economic basis through the
so-called reunification.


By piotrbein