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PB to RootsAction, cc. to prime minister Harper and opposition Green Party: do you have a manifesto against Chinese immigration? it’s out of hand in Vancouver:

– zillions come and buy out our kids from owning property
– they snatch all goods on sale so we, low income Canadians, see empty shelves
– they don’t pay income taxes,
– they don’t mix socially with Canadians, don’t learn our official languages
– they RUN UNDERGROUND ECONOMY, hire fly-by-night Chinese businesses only (my neighbours example: re-roofing, renovations, yard work, lawn maintenance, music lessons)
– they overburden our services and infrastructure (medical, schools, tansportation, parks and recreation ) that we have built and are maintaining with our taxes
– they don’t respect our laws, ignore Constitution such as regarding street name  language
– too many of them spend most of their time OUTSIDE Canada!
– it’s concealed form the public, but they now constitute close to, if not more than half the population here!
what kind of frigging free-ride ‘citizens’ are they!? ENOUGH!!!
as to climate change — stuff it!
before ascertaining Sun’s contribution (an endevour for 20-30 years, at a budget comparable to US space programme) don’t even bother sending me your trash on the subject!
as to nuclear annihilation: it’s going on .. from Fukushima; having increased  the allowable radiation hundred- if not thousand-fold right after Fuku, the Canadian gov’t doesn’t measure the cumulative doses that we are exposed to from air, water and food, never mind informing us about the risks!!!
as to wars — how are you going to stop the Judeocentrics who are behind most of them, without even identifying the villains, while our illegally elected “prime minister” is a devoted Judeocentric, supporting Jew bankster and Jew oligarch wars from Middle East to Ukraine, as well as Judaisation of our institutions?

Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

as to Einstein, he was a hoaxer, got the Nobel price undeservedly:
you are ignorants, useful idiots who participate in Judeo-masonic, NWO-type propaganda!
Piotr Bein

Vancouver, Canada

By piotrbein