Germany and New Era in the Middle East (Nuclear deal with Iran)

Newsletter 2015/07/20 – A New Era in the Middle East

TEHRAN/BERLIN (Own report) – Berlin is rushing to renew economic ties
with Iran and to engage in reshaping the Middle East by dispatching
its minister of the economy to Tehran. The nuclear agreement, signed
last Tuesday with Tehran, offers German companies the opportunity to
normalize their trade with Iran, which was once among the most
lucrative in the Middle East, but had sharply declined due to
sanctions. Exports in the double-digit billions are expected.
Meanwhile experts are calling for realigning power relations in the
Persian Gulf under western leadership to establish a balance of power
between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This would prevent the hegemony of
either and offer the West favorable opportunities to influence
developments in the region. Comprehensive German arms exports to Saudi
Arabia and the weakening of Iranian positions, particularly in Syria,
would form the basis of this desired balance of power. According to
experts, the EU could play a leading role in reshaping the region, if
resistance in the US Congress, at the last moment, does not block the
nuclear deal.


By piotrbein