Healthy xenophobia or Jew design: Rising number of racist attacks in Germany

PB: It’s natural and healthy for a nation, tribe, community to defend from inflow of foreigners, particularly when that inflow is designed to destroy the group. I am observing similar right now in Vancouver that is being taken over by the Chinese Anybody Chinese who made a million producing junk that now piles up on our garbage dumps, can come to Canada and buy us out!  They don’t even need to acquire Canadian citizenship, can live here part-time, just “milking the cow” called Canada, while doing their mafia business in China. The takeover is: demographic (more children than Whites who cannot afford them, econ0mically (cleaning out store shelves from discounted goods, driving house prices sky high, displacing Canadians to far suburbs and their children from the real estate market, underground economy, paying no taxes, mafia…), culturally (crime, clogging of public infrastructure and services, no speak English, disrespect our order, customs and law).

It is clear that the inflow has been designed to Judeocentric, Frankfurt School specs and is being forced upon us to destroy traditional Canadian society.


Newsletter 2015/07/28 – “A Time to Make Friends” (II)

BERLIN (Own report) – With last weekend’s arson attack on a refugee
home, the bombing attempt on a supporter of refugees and the siege of
a refugee hostel by a hostile mob of locals, Germany’s recent wave of
racist violence has taken on a new quality. It is only fortunate that
no one was murdered in these recent attacks. At the same time, attacks
on refugee housing are becoming dramatically more frequent. Already
during the first half of 2015, the number of attacks has reached that
of the entire year of 2014. For years, observers have been warning
that initiatives against refugee hostels are firmly taking root
locally and are increasing their abilities to mobilize. The political
establishment and the media have regularly provided legitimization to
the anti-refugee campaign, using racist clichés, for example, in the
debate around the SPD politician Thilo Sarrazin’s publications or with
their derogatory insinuations about migrants. Last winter, the
campaign against refugees was mobilizing tens of thousands for the
“Pegida” street demonstrations. Moreover, in spite of the escalation
of anti-refugee violence, the slander continues.


By piotrbein