[en, de] Germany is helping create the causes for people to flee

Newsletter 2015/08/11 – Forced to Flee (II)

KABUL/BERLIN/BAMAKO (Own report) – Berlin is legitimizing German
military intervention by alleging it is to combat the causes of
fleeing. The Bundeswehr must undertake operations in Mali, “so that
people will no longer have to flee the violence and hopelessness,”
claimed Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, early this week during
her visit in Mali’s capital Bamako. She is using the current refugee
crisis in Germany to arouse sympathy for the Bundeswehr’s
interventions. However, with its aggressive foreign policy, Germany is
actively helping create the causes for people to flee. A prime example
is the Federal Republic of Germany’s Afghan policy since the 1980s.
Together with other western governments, Bonn had exacerbated the
Afghan civil war with its support for the Mujahidin. Millions of
Afghans had to flee the country and Afghanistan has never recovered
from its political, economic, and social devastation. The Bundeswehr’s
deployment in Afghanistan, which began in 2001 and whose main mission
was ended last year, has provoked a new wave of refugees.


By piotrbein