Germany and refugees from Kosovo

Newsletter 2015/08/13 – Forced to Flee (IV)

BERLIN/PRIÅ TINA (Own report) – Germany is significantly responsible
for helping create the conditions causing tens of thousands to flee
from Kosovo. This has been confirmed by an analysis of the development
that seceded territory has taken since NATO’s 1999 aggression, in
which Germany had played a leading role. Prominent German politicians
have also played leading roles in establishing Kosovo’s subsequent
occupation, helping to put the commanders and combatants of the
mafia-type Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) militia into power in
Priština. They created social conditions that have drawn sharp
internationally criticism. In 2012, the European Court of Auditors
(ECA) reported that organized crime continues at “high levels” in
Kosovo. The Council of Europe even discerns some of the
highest-ranking politicians, including a long-standing prime minister,
as being members of the Mafia. Poverty is rampant. After 16 years of
NATO and EU occupation, around one-sixth of the children suffer from
stunted growth due to malnutrition. Germany has played an important
role in organizing the occupation. If it were not for cash transfers
refugees send home, many Kosovo families would not be able to survive.
In the first semester of 2015 alone, more than 28,600 found themselves
forced to apply for refugee status in Germany – with little chance of
success. Berlin is now seeking more rapid ways for their deportation.


By piotrbein