“Leader” of military junta in Kiev to visit Israel

PB: What a hogwash!

“Russia then invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimea” – Russia was present militarily on Crimea according to an int’l treaty, and when annexation of this historically and ethnically Russian piece of land by the Ukrainian Jew oligarchate and the global Judeocentric Power Complex was looming, Russia lawfully by referendum determined where Crimea belonged and carried out the homecoming.

“Israel under Netanyahu has remained tight-lipped and neutral on the bloody conflict” – Like hell it did! Israeli special forces in the Maidan ‘revolution’, Mossad agents in Odessa massacre… Earlier, Netanyahu praised criminal Jew oligarch Kolomoyski for the world’s largest Chabad Lubavitch centre in Dnepropetrovsk.


“Leader” of military junta in Kiev to visit Israel

By piotrbein