VIRAL Dr. David Duke defeats Alex Jones!

PB: Alex painted himself into a corner. At the outset, he declares that he  is against all evil, all oppression regardless of the “ethnic” description of the tormenters. Grotesquely, however, he names the current gender hutzpah issues as examples, urging that we just need to stand together against this nonsense, without letting ourselves be diverted by  the divisions that have been imposed on us by those in power.

But it is exactly the “tribalism” of the authors of the manipulation that need to be addressed, as Dr. Duke have insisted in the debate. S.c. cultural Marxism, e.g. gender and race ‘issues’ imposed on our civilisation, has been laid out by Jew thinkers of the Frankfurt School as a method of conquering the power of White, European society.

It’s a shame how Alex dismisses most of the well-documented and known facts about Judeocentric power. Also, Alex repeatedly diverts from Duke’s focus on Jews in power to the whole group, and then rants about racism of the political left. Alex’s comparison of Dr. Duke’s convictions to those of murderous  ISIS was plain ugly.

Alex will need to re-think his political correctness. Current deluge of migrants from Africa and the Middle East flooding Europe is a wake-up call for Whites, incl. many in Alex’s audience.

The ‘rescue’ from Alex’s Jew crew member regarding Shabbat-goys in the Jew bankster conspiracy of Federal Reserve was a disaster.

I look forward to continuation of the debate.




David Duke wraps up his debate with Alex Jones:


Dr. David Duke: Official Statement on The Duke-Jones Great Debate:

Dr. David Duke: Official Statement on The Duke-Jones Great Debate

Dr. David Duke: Official Statement on The Duke-Jones Great Debate

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