Russian jets in Syrian skies

#1 by duncan lucas on 08/31/2015 – 1:18 pm

If true it certainly represents a major change in both Russian and US foreign policy and the fact that the US is not complaining to the World of Russian “aggression” in Syria points to change of policy there . Certainly Israel wont agree to this as it helps ISIS constantly from hospitalization to supplies of weapons /logistics etc the same as the US/UK have been doing via the CIA/MI6 agents for years now . But what is the “pro quid pro ” of this ? is it to get US companies in favor of Iran ? is the negative ISIS publicity harming the US (head decapitation etc ) ? Russia will certainly aim for the elimination of ISIS there unlike the US/UK/ISRAEL who “kid-on ” they are hurting ISIS while helping them Nutteryahu,s dreams of a “Greater Israel ” taking in part of Syria to run a pipeline through must be in tatters now no wonder he is paying Congress to overthrow the US Government .If this continues what then of backing Ukraine against Russia or is he going to let the EU be flattened if it attacks Russia ? There is more to this than meets the eye.




By piotrbein