JPost interviews David Irving: ‘I’m not an anti-Semite, yet’




Q&A with Holocaust denier David Irving: ‘I’m not an anti-Semite, yet’

“The Jews should ask, Why us? Maybe it’s how they have acted over the thousands of years. Maybe it is all our fault,” Irving tells ‘Post’ from Latvia, where he is touring death camps.


David Irving, a convicted British Holocaust denier, is currently leading a nine-day tour of former concentration camps in Latvia and Poland. Irving was jailed in Austria in 2006, but in 2010 began running tours of death camps and World War II sites, to the dismay of many Jewish community groups and Holocaust memorial organizations who have accused him of re-writing history and insulting the memory of Holocaust victims.

“Don’t miss this lifetime adventure! Make up your own mind about the truth,” reads an advert for the tour entitled “The Real History Tour of the Wolf’s Lair,” as it includes a visit to Hitler’s military headquarters. Irving is known for calling into question traditional historical account’s of Adolf Hitler’s role in World War II, even portraying him in a favorable light and going as far as to claim that he was not aware of the Holocaust. The disgraced historian has also battled against accounts of mass-killings of Jews in gas chambers, branding their existence as a “hoax” and “fairy-tale.”

The Jerusalem Post caught up with Irving at the beginning of his current tour, to find out exactly what his controversial trips entail.

What have you done so far on your tour?

We started in Riga, Latvia, two days ago; spent the day today going over the execution sites at Rumbula (10,000 shot in two days) and the concentration camp at Salapils, and witnessed the train station at Skirotawa where 1,000 Berlin Jews were unloaded on November 30, 1941. We were the only people at these sites, perhaps because of heavy rain; I equipped all members of my tour party, thirteen strong, with free umbrellas.

Who are the guests on your tour? Are any of them Jews?

We are all nationalities,  including a Russian, three Americans, two Britons, a New Zealander, a Canadian, a Frenchman and Swede; there may be more but those are known to me. Three of them are lawyers and two are US Judges  from Seattle, I do know that. I don’t know if any are Jews, I have not asked. They would be welcome on the tour, provided they abide by our ground rules (decent behavior at all times, etc.). Last year we had twenty-four  guests.

What is the purpose of your tours?

People confused by the conflicting versions of history, who want to ask questions: why the Jews were victims, and what is the truth? More and more people contact me out of the blue and don’t know what to believe. I take them to the sites of Operation Reinhardt, the worst killing operations, and let them see for themselves.

Organizations and individuals have spoken out against your tours, saying that they should not be allowed, since you disrespect the memory of the Holocaust and make money off it. What is your response to this?

My welcome letter to the guests included this final sentence: “On a somber note: some of the sites we visit are the scenes of great tragedy, and I hope that all my guests will act there fittingly.” I included this, after three years ago an incident at Sobibór gave cause.

It is like any other operation, some years I break even, some I make a less, some I make a profit. “Make money off” the Holocaust? I am a historian and writer, not a travel agent. The tour will cost about £2,000 next year again, including internal costs, all hotels and meals, and transport in Poland for eight or nine days.

With anti-Semitism rampant in the UK and Europe, don’t you think tours like these might fuel this?

The Jews should ask, Why us? It is not for me to ask that question. Maybe it’s how they have acted over the thousands of years. Maybe it is all our fault. Our Riga tour includes the NKVD  headquarters, and the Skirotawa train station, where Jews also played a role.

Some people describe you as an anti-Semite – what do you say to this?

No. Despite everything. Not yet.

  1. #1 by squodgy on 09/02/2015 – 2:30 pm

    Trying to awaken Joe Public to the hypocrisy, downright lies and disinformation which is the foundation of Elie Weisel’s deceptive propaganda machine we now know as the holohoax, is not anti semitic… is truthfulness…..but politically incorrect anti propagandist truthfulness.

  2. #2 by Dante Ardenz on 09/02/2015 – 2:40 pm

    David Irving is a giant of history. Anyone wanting to know the absolute truth about WW 2 ,must get his massively researched books!

    He does not rely on establishment historians but DIRECT archival materials.
    The narrative threads the information ,with eyewitness accounts ,diaries,interviews.

    His writing skills are so entertaining ,and nothing is dry facts,but thrilling ,and fascinating ,down to cloths, food, autos, geography etc .

    Irving has sought the truth since his first masterpiece ,THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN .in 1963.

    He met the important from the war,and gained their confidence.

    Bit ,by bit he broke down the myths,lies, and demonizing of the AXIS,and Adolf Hitler.and who really started cataclysm of WW 2, fanned its horrors, and won it !

    For nstance, it was he who first wrote if the Battleship Bismsrck being scuttled by her crew ,on May 26, 1941 !
    Some scoffed, but the Ballard discovery of the huge warship in 1988 confirmed this.

    Irving’s works where required reading at West Point, and literally live in them, and cannot put them down.

    The Jews began to notice he was disrupting they,and their Gentile stooges lies, and began running a hate campaign against him.

    They even committed physical violence against the man.

    Powerful political figures all over the world started denouncing him,including Jew stooges from their controlled Left/Right.

    He has been arrested ,and went to jail at age 69 in Zionist Occupied Austria.
    His crime ? Free Spoech !

    Macmillion promised to keep his nasteroices in perpetual print, but the Jews had thus stopped.

    Now he self publishes beautiful editions available online.
    If you value the beauty of truth please get Mr Irving’s books.

    They will fascinate ,and move you like no other works dealing with WW 2.

    See, David Irving Action Report.Com.

    The site,updated daily has a vast archival database available, and he kindly offers free downloads !

    You may contact him freely as well

    God Bless Mr Irving

    PS, a personal friend of the late and greatly missed ,Michael Collins Piper.

  3. #3 by ariadnatheo on 09/02/2015 – 2:42 pm

    David Irving is eminent British historian who was universally respected and admired for the unique contribution his research brought to the history of the 20th century until he fell afoul of critics, political organizations and governments when his research revealed serious falsehoods in the official narrative of the Holocaust.
    THAT is how he should be described fairly.
    Instead JPost starts its hatchet job with “David Irving, a convicted British Holocaust denier,” as if disputing one historical narrative makes one a thought felon ,and having the political power to jail him clinches the categorization.

  4. #4 by grypa666 on 09/02/2015 – 2:43 pm

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  5. #5 by Peter on 09/02/2015 – 3:33 pm

    I agree with all the comments above. Among Irving’s contributions are exposing the Hitler diaries in the early 1980’s as a fraud, finding the invaluable Goebbels diaries in the Soviet archives in Moscow that had laid there untouched since the end of the war and many, many other contributions.

    One of my favorites is his claim that Hitler “did not order” and didn’t know about the “holocaust,” and then adds “whatever it was.” The other historians and the mainstream media were enraged in the US and Europe. For many years they repeatedly told us that Hitler “ordered” the “holocaust,” that he murdered 6 million Jews, that he wanted to erase the Jews from earth, etc., etc., etc. David Irving said in all the archives he’s been in (one complimentary review before his fall from grace said he “ransacked the world’s archives”) he has never seen any “order” from Hitler that the “holocaust” be carried out and never saw any evidence that Hitler even knew about it and then offered a $1,000 reward to anybody that could find the “order” Hitler gave. The others got all upset and no order has ever been found. On the contrary, the holyhoax story has fallen apart, only kept alive by threatening and jailing historians and others that expose it and the repeatedly lying and distorting like in the article above. These lies have played a major role in post WW II politics and shaped culture, instilling guilt in Europeans heads and making the “chosen people” above all reproach and they’re not going to give this stick up that they beat others over the head with without a fight.

    Accolades for David Irving:

  6. #6 by Peter on 09/02/2015 – 3:50 pm

    For anyone that hasn’t seen it, I recommend watching this discussion on censoring David Irving that appeared in the US on a major television program. This was after the publisher of Irving’s book “Goebbels” decided not to publish the book after first promoting it for an award.

  7. #7 by JohnBoy on 09/02/2015 – 3:52 pm

    I do know he’s not fond of the Second Amendment. That plus he backtracked on some things to please the chosen sinks him in my book…

  8. #8 by Imperium on 09/02/2015 – 4:02 pm

    David Irving proves how a single,courageous individual can take on the most powerful,and have a profiund impact.
    This man knew the stakes,and suffered.
    He could of taken the easy route ,of demonizing Hitler ,Germany, and lauding the Alies- simplistic ,boring morality play for the simple minded ,and made millions.

    Instead Mr Irving preferred to find,and reveal the truth ,come what may .

    If you where not aware of this giant ,now you are, and GET HIS BOOKS !
    His amazing writing style,let alone the revelations within ,thrills like no other .
    They are treasures .

  9. #9 by Europa on 09/02/2015 – 5:25 pm

    Irving backtracked on nothing Johnboy ,and don’t worry your precious ,” gunnnnnz”, are safe.
    The Jews love hayseed US gun culture…they recruit people to go fight their wars from it.

    Plus, he has a permit in the US. Nor does he have any power in the matter,just expressed an opinion as an Englishmsn.

    Obviously,paranoia about ” your piece”, is more important than this man’s huge contribution to fighting for the truth.

  10. #10 by jrizoli on 09/02/2015 – 5:25 pm

    Like they say there’s nothing better than competition. David Irving is giving the Holocaust business some seroius competition. Now they’re going to have to start telling the truth of what happened in the camps and the places associated around there. And that’s what he’s trying to do, he’s trying to show you what happened in these camps according to the facts and not the hearsay that has been coming down the pike for the last 75 years. His tours are not the cookie and tea party tour, its the truth.

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