Top German Diplomat Calls for Bundeswehr Engagement in Syria

Newsletter 2015/09/15 – Top German Diplomat Calls for Bundeswehr
Engagement in Syria

BERLIN (Own report) – Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich
Security Conference, is calling for the Bundeswehr’s deployment in
Syria. It is high time, to discuss “seriously” the creation of
so-called safe havens and “no-fly zones in and around Syria,”
according to Ischinger. This “of course” would call for the
participation of the German Armed Forces and in relationship to the
deployment of ground forces, “nothing can be ruled out.” Ischinger is
also providing justification for going to war. Whereas Syria has been
submerged in war, because of the arms supplies furnished by the West
and its regional allies to insurgent militias – including Al Qaeda and
the “Islamic State” (IS), this influential diplomat claims that the
current “conflagration” is the consequence of Western
non-intervention. These war plans are, however, a reaction to Russia’s
growing influence also in the Middle East. In recent months, Moscow
has been holding extensive negotiations in view of settling the Syrian
war. In his speech before the UN General Assembly on September 28,
President Putin is expected to propose a new anti-IS coalition, with
inclusion of the Syrian government. Therefore, in the framework of the
Western Alliance, Berlin would like to counter Russia’s growing role
in international politics.


By piotrbein