How to defend against microwaving – e-tortures and gangstalking

How to defend against microwaving – e-tortures and gangstalking

Tomasz Tomicki 12.10.2015, translation Piotr Bein


I’ve been an anti-NWO activist and patriot for a few years. Information is my major method. I inform about a number of threats, with geo-engineering taking most of my energy for a few reasons. So far I’ve not been forced to take vaccines, eat GMO and chemical-stuffed food. But clean air to breathe is more difficult to secure. Chemtrails are very harmful to our health and environment, make us more vulnerable to mind control (by virtue of nano-aluminum that penetrate our brains), and weaken our resolve and fighting spirit, e.g.yje upcoming parliamentary elections in Polabd will see more chemtrails in the skies.

Geo-engineering also modifies weather, e.g. we get rains in time for major street demonstrations, or floods to make us poorer.

Chemtrails unite us all: policeman, nurse, Pole, German, rightist, leftist, Catholic, atheist, sevile bureacrat… we all get the heavy metal dust, bacteria, viruses etc. from the sky.

We need to be united, but only a small fraction of society knows about geo-engineering.

Because of my activism, I’ve been persecuted via a microwave weapon, after I have organized a few leaflet events; with activist friends we have distributed in city centres several thousand leaflets on geo-engineering. I believe it’s because I am effective but not too well-known that they’ve opted for this type of repression. Fame is not to their liking and ordinary people do not believe in microwave harassment.

I’ve been subjected to microwaves for six months. Initially, it would be a few hours per night. I was woken up from sleep. If I was awake, I could feel arythmic work of my heart, heart pain, anxiety and I got restless legs syndrome, pink eye (proportional to the length of microwaving), sleeplessness despite being very tired. I also hear characteristic sound that I would specify as a quiet rhytmic rumbling (several times it was a monotone buzzing at a different location). Longer exposure results also in joint and muscle pains.

Next, the dose was extended to 24 hours (and remains so at my home). At night I leave home to have a normal sleep and regenerate. I slept in a farm building at my family’s, in a tent and in my car. But after a while, they would locate me afer half an hour and microwave me, even though I moved by car repeatedly at night. All day after such night, I had to rest. It became worse and worse,as I ran out of options to hide. One night they tired me so much that I likely was to get a heart attack, I had shortness of breath, chest pain, and I was very weak.

Beside continuous exposure at home, I am targeted while in the yard at one place for a longer time; I get e.g. acute back pain while bending or pain in my leg or arm while in horisontal position. I leave that location and next attack comes after a few minutes. I believe they locate me via cellphone tower network, as they tend to locate me faster and more often when I have my phone on me. They also locate us via satellite by detecting our electromagnetic field (aura). During rain they can’t harass me anywhere except at home, so I conclude water makes it more difficult for them. When someone is beside me or visits nme at home, they do not attack. I presume they monitor my phone traffic.

Now I am better off than at the worst times, as I’ve discovered a method to block off low-frequency electromagnetic radiation they send on me. Water stops it. I utilize the invention by a Polish scientist who has patented s.c. ADR mats with water molecules that absorb electromagnetic radiation. I ‘ve made a layer of water betwen two glass panes of a sealed unit taken from a PCV window. It is not an ideal solution as the unit could leak. I also recycled panes from single-glazed wooden windows by joining two panes with silicone on an aluminum frame, made of 10 mm square rod. The rod on one side has a threaded hole that can be closed with a screw and teflon tape or plumber’s hemp to keep the water in. I place the pane units filled with water over myself to stop microwaves coming from above. I can function normally,sleep and get a rest at places where I’ve installed the water units. I made a supporting frame from a bunk bed, using the upper part to lay the water units on. I sleep on the bottom bed.

At other location, I made a support structure strong enough to hold the units (glass units need a support beam for every 0,5 m2 of glass). As I expand the water canopy in my apartment, I will get increasingly better conditions to function. The ‘green roof’ buildings may offer protection in the future…

In place of glass, one could use a wet towel in a plastic bag – I have tested it and it works, or an air mattress filled with a bit of water. It’s important that water shields the whole body.

Beside the water shield, a victim of microwaving needs to take extra care of his/her health: generous amounts of vitamin C, meat to regenerate tissue, silica for proper transmission of neurologic impulses (buckwheat, clay), raw organic veggies, sprouts… My friend under same microwave harassment says that herbs help him, as do hot-cold baths and sport. Physical activity,whatever one likes, is very important. Stamina preservation is a must eventhough it’s more difficult to achieve under microwaving. Try to live normally, maintain social contacts and communicate to others what happens to you. The will also counts: do not yield to this vermin nor their toys. Externalize your emotions, kill them in your head, or whatever works for you as a suitable revenge… and keep fit. Love and compassion should be left to those who wish to depart.

By piotrbein