Germany seeks to reinforce deportation of refugees to Africa

Newsletter 2015/11/02 – Police Program Africa

BERLIN/BRUSSELS (Own report) – At the upcoming EU summit on refugees
in Malta’s capital Valletta, Germany will seek to reinforce the border
and deportation management aimed at thwarting migration from Africa.
According to the German government, the “fight against migrant
smuggling and trafficking” as well as the enforcement of the refugees’
“return and readmission” by the participating African countries will
be central issues to be discussed at next week’s summit of EU and
African heads of states and governments. Particular emphasis will be
placed on “supporting” Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Mali and Niger with
“police cooperation” to “monitor and control” their borders and the
most important routes of migration. EU “liaison officials” should be
dispatched to the “relevant African countries” to collect “information
on the migration flow” in cooperation with the local repression
administrations. “Multifunctional centers” are to be established in
Niger and other African countries to demonstrate the “risks of
irregular migration” to refugees. In return for stemming the flow of
migration and “readmitting” illegal migrants, the African countries of
origin and transit will be promised “enhanced” cooperation “on
economic, foreign, and development policy issues.”


By piotrbein