How to bring down an airliner

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Date: Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 1:33 PM

How to bring down an airliner with mere vulgarity of one’s taste

Ancient Egypt Home Decorations Desk ornaments Sphinx Souvenirs Egypt crafts Artwork Gift

Packaging details: 0.500kg (1.10lb.)
20cm x 15cm x 15cm (7.87in x 5.91in x 5.91in)

One flew to Hurghada, Egypt (Sinai),
to improve one’s chances of an early
melanoma, and, not long before
the eventual departure, as one was
walking by a souvenir shop, a very
solicitous salesman offered one the
deal of the season – a ‘historical’
statuette as hideous as it was
vulgar – for a mere pittance

The ‘Sphinx’ trinket pictured above
is apparently big enough to contain
an explosive device capable of
bringing down an airliner.
And that, of course, is only one of
the possible versions.  And although
the ‘Islamic State’ hurried to claim
responsibility, just how many agents
on the ground does it actually have
in Sharm el-Sheikh/Hurghada?

Not half as many as the Jews – and
not half as well placed.
  And the Jews
in I$raHell are no more happy with
the Russian presence in Syria than
the ‘Islamic State’ – and so are
the Jew neocons in Washington –
not at all unwilling to bestow upon
the ‘Russian opposition’ a heap
of mutilated Russian corpses –
with which to castigate Putin
and his ‘military adventurism’.
And what the Jews want to happen
usually does happen – especially
if it’s of a purely criminal nature.
For example, the Jews wanted all
Kennedys dead – and five of them
were either assassinated or killed
in dubious accidents.
While fighting in WW2 – to save
the Jews’ hides – Joe Kennedy Jr
was blown up in his aircraft –
not by enemy fire.
Likewise, the Jews didn’t want
the American patriot Charles
Lindbergh in the White House –
and his baby son was kidnapped
and murdered.  And Lindbergh
had no clue what hit him – and
may well have went to his grave
none the wiser.

The worst possible mistake
to make with the Jews is
to doubt their bestiality.

Russian plane crash:
‘Heat flash’ in satellite imagery
points to explosion on board

There was no heat trail, however.
So there was no missile.  There is
little or no doubt by now that it
was a bomb, and, apparently, a
massive one, possibly up to 20kg,
while as little as 2kg would have
served the purpose well enough.
A massive overkill is just like the
‘Islamic State’ – and the Jews
are keenly aware of this.
A Russian-born Israeli journalist
Ravid Gor analyzed the response
of the ‘Russian I$raelis’ to the
collapse of the Russian plane
and called it ‘trolls dancing on
the blood’.
 Commenters reacted
with joy to news of the crash

S-300 Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems
“Putin’s interests are antithetical
to what I$rael wants to happen.
I$rael continues to view the
‘Shiite axis of evil’ – from Tehran
through Damascus and to Beirut –
as the main threat.

Therefore, Putin’s efforts to tilt
the balance in Syria together
with the Iranians comes at the
expense of I$rael…
 I$rael does not exclude the
possibility that the Russians will
declare a no-fly zone for most
of the Syrian air space, and will
enforce it by erecting batteries
of anti-aircraft S-300 missiles
in the sea off the Syrian coast.
 This kind of development could
happen even without an official
 The I$raeli air force
could simply realize that certain
areas are covered by S-300s

In such a case, the rules of the
game would be redefined.”
                         – Jew journalist
NB. As more than one
commentator pointed
out, until the arrival of
the Russians, the Jews
served the ‘Islamic
State’ in Syria as its
own Air Force.
The ISIS claim of having
shot down the Russian
airliner at the height
of 9000 metres with a
shoulder-fired missile
is obviously false.
Virtually all of those
shoulder-fired ‘pocket
rockets’ are heat-seekers –
and, as such, they cannot
be launched in advance to
intercept a target along
the shortest possible
trajectory (which requires
radar guidance), but can
only be fired in pursuit –
after the overflight – and,
by that time, it’s unable
to catch up with a target
at the altitude of 9000
metres simply due to
its fuel volume being
insufficient for the
considerably longer
travel required
by the pursuit.

By piotrbein