ALARM! BREAKING HELP NEEDED Canada: Famous anti-nuclear Proctologist arrested

PEOPLE!! You must understand what is happening here! Dana is doing this for your children and grandchildren. You must take this whole matter very seriously. Many of you have no idea of the sacrifices that have been made here, by Dana. There must be someone out there who is willing to stand up with the funding to help with attorney fees. I know you are out there. If you knew the truth of it all, you would be stunned as many of us are. For Dana to be arrested like that is a crime in itself. Shame on those going along with that. What happened to love of life on this planet? What happened to conscience? What happened to sacrifices for the good of humanity and all life on this planet? How many of you know the struggles that Dana has made in order to bring you the truth? Please, please don’t turn away anymore. Dana can’t do it alone, so, tell me who do you know who is stepping up for you and your loved ones, showing you all the evidence, if not Dana? Who? I would like to know who that is.


By piotrbein