EU “Strategic Communication” against Russia

Newsletter 2015/11/04 – Media Cold War

BERLIN/BRUSSELS/TALLINN (Own report) – With a special “team” the EU is
seeking to create a pro-western media audience in the East European
countries and the Caucasus – including Russia – as was confirmed by
the German government in its response to a parliamentary
interpellation. The EU’s “East StratCom Team” seeks to establish
networks with journalists in the countries of the EU’s “Eastern
Partnerships,” and in Russia. It is also developing “communication
campaigns” systematically aimed at the populations of these countries.
“Young people” and academics are among the specially targeted
audiences. Overall, the EU team is focusing on the urban middle
classes, which, in large sectors of Eastern Europe are pro-western
oriented and had significantly supported Ukraine’s Maidan protests.
Asked about the orientation of these activities, officially labeled as
“support for media freedom,” the German government has explained that
the purpose is to “communicate” one’s own position to the public, like
the PR-work of governments, parties, and associations. The government
has also confirmed that the EU team will examine the East European
activities of Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international
broadcaster, for possible “synergy effects.”


By piotrbein