A321 crash: hijacked remotely by Israeli cyberhackers?

Piotr Bein

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Russia may know/find out but Moscow plays a game for own ends. We are justified to explore on our own.
Case of Polish gov’t (de facto NATO) plane catastrophe at Smolensk, April10, 2010: officially an accident, Russia blamed but author of official version, IMHO Jew crew job across Poland, Russia and the West (no requests by EU nor NATO for release of remains of EU member, NATO plane for investigation,  no satellite images from US…).
Evidence (satellite) is played geopolitically: no satellite proofs from US for MH17 nor for present A321.
From daily news on Russian Sputnik website, I observe inconsistent statements from misc. Egyptian, Russian and Western experts (?) as situation develops — see for yourself, all A321 news in one bunch: http://sputniknews.com/trend/russian_a321_2015/

Putin clearly has a session of chess…


Russian Plane Crash: Was Israel Responsible?

Did you know that a plane, through its computer system,
can be hijacked remotely by cyberhackers and made to crash?

This is an an edited version of “Suspicions about the Russian plane crash” from this site,  which is based in turn on an article with the same title by Christopher Bollyn, here.

With an extensive endnote and commentary by Lasha Darkmoon


An official in the Egyptian Air traffic control has told local reporters that the last communication with the pilot of the Russian plane was while he was flying at 30 thousand feet. The pilot complained of malfunction in the wireless devices and he asked for an emergency landing at the nearest airport.  – “Russian plane crash,” The Telegraph (UK), October 31, 2015

It remains to be seen how the U.S. and other nations supporting the mercenary forces fighting in Syria will respond to the Russian intervention. Unlike chess, this game has no rules.  – Christopher Bollyn, “Syria: The Russian Move – Changing the Game,” October 6, 2015, bollyn.com/changing-the-game-the-russian-move-in-syria/

The October 31 crash of the Russian Metrojet passenger aircraft in the Sinai Desert, near the border of Egypt and Israel, raises some well-founded suspicions of foul play being involved in the downing of the plane. Although it is too early to say what caused the crash, there are some clear indications that suggest the plane was remotely sabotaged – via its connection to the Internet.

FACT : The Russian aircraft went down south of Al Arish, near the border of Israel, very close to Israel’s main signal intelligence facility, Unit 8200, located on Kibbutz Urim.

LD: This Israeli signal intelligence facility, staffed by Israel’s most accomplished computer hackers, is located 60 miles north-east of the location where the Russian plane was downed. These hackers could easily have gained access to the plane’s computer, taking over the plane without the knowledge of the plane’s passengers or of the pilots in the cockpit. Computer hacking is indeed the main function of the Israeli operatives stationed at Unit 8200 on Kibbutz Urim.

See map HERE.

We already know for a fact that the Israeli signal intelligence facility, known as Unit 8200, has “rows of satellite dishes that covertly intercept phone calls, emails and other communications.” This Israeli spy facility would have had the ability to monitor and communicate directly with the aircraft’s navigation system – without the knowledge of the crew.

The fact that the pilot’s last communication, from 30,000 feet, reported a malfunction in the airplane’s wireless devices and that he asked for an emergency landing, indicates that the airplane may have been in the process of being hacked externally through its satellite wireless connection.

Secondly, the fact that this was the pilot’s last communication is significant.

Even if the plane had stalled, as it seems to have done, and fallen from 30,000 feet, the pilot still would have had several minutes to communicate with air traffic controllers in Cairo – unless his communications link had been cut, which appears to have been the case.

LD:  The anti-Zionist website smoloko.com has no hesitation in pointing the finger of blame at Israel’s espionage agency, Mossad. It calls ISIS (or ISIL) Israel’s “proxy Jew terror army.” It adds the significant fact that ISIS has never done Israel any harm. On the contrary, it has spent all its efforts ethnically cleansing the region of Arabs in order to expand the borders of the Jewish state and give the Jews their hearts’ desire: Eretz Israel, or Greater Israel, a “promised land” stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. 



Egypt’s Civil Aviation Authority reported that no Mayday signal was sent from the plane and that communication with the aircraft was normal until the aircraft disappeared from radar. This suggests that the normal communication links with the plane had been cut before the plane was remotely hijacked and sabotaged.

Last contact with the flight from flight tracking website Flightradar24 shows the aircraft climbing to 30875 feet, after which it showed erratic altitudes and speed indications. Last altitude recorded was 27925 feet at a speed of just 62 knots. Apparently, the plane had lost all engine power.

These reports seem to indicate that the plane may have been remotely hijacked by an unauthorized “ground pilot” who hacked into its flight system through its satellite connection to the Internet, something I discuss in “Why Did Crucial Computer Systems Fail?” in my book Solving 9-11.

LD: Here is another smoloko.com picture. Please note that none of these admittedly anti-Semitic pictures appear on Christopher Bollyn’s excellent website.


The plane then reportedly broke up in flight. This break-up may have occurred as a result of the extreme forces the plane was subjected to as it went through radical dives and climbs in the last twenty seconds before it disappeared from radar.  This scenario is very similar to the crash of Egypt Air 990, which went down exactly 16 years earlier on October 31, 1999, over the Atlantic Ocean, 62 miles south of Nantucket Island with 217 killed.

The wreckage suggests that the plane disintegrated at a high altitude.

“All signs indicate that the destruction of the aircraft structure occurred in air at a high altitude,” Alexander Neradko, head of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, said on November 1. Neradko said debris from the Airbus A321 was scattered across an “elongated ellipsis” of 3 miles in length by 2.5 miles in width.

A plane with a satellite connection to the Internet can be hijacked from the ground by an external hacker breaking into its computer system.



Did you know that a plane, through its computer system,
can be hijacked remotely by cyberhackers and made to crash?


There is a conspiracy theory going the rounds that Israeli security firms have access to, and ultimately control, most airports in the world — apart from airports in Iran and North Korea. There is little evidence for this theory, though Israeli security firms have indeed attempted to spread their tentacles far and wide into countries thousands of miles away from Israel, including airports in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. Smuggling a bomb onto a plane obviously would not be difficult: (1) if Israel wished to do so, and (2) if an Israeli security firm had foolishly been given full control of a particular airport in a foreign country.

Any foreign country that entrusts its security to Israel is therefore running a grave risk.

Israel and Egypt have pretty close ties. Theoretically, a bomb could easily have been smuggled onto the Russian Metrojet passenger plane at Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Egypt, but only (1) if we assume complicity between Israel and Egypt, or (2) if security at the Egyptian airport was so lax that an ISIS [or ISIL] operative could have smuggled a bomb on board the Russian plane. It has now been suggested by British prime minister David Cameron, the first international leader to do so, that an explosive device was placed on the Russian plane by an ISIS terrorist in Egypt.

This allegation, according to Christopher Bollyn, is worthless, since it is supported by no evidence whatever. What the allegation does, however, is deflect attention from Israel by finding a convenient scapegoat in ISIS.

If the British prime minister claims that ISIS was responsible for planting a bomb on the Russian plane, we can be almost certain that this is a lie: pure and simple disinformation. It is an unsupported allegation clearly designed to take the heat off Israel and make the Russians think that it was ISIS, acting in revenge for Putin’s intervention in Syria, that was responsible for the death of 224 Russians on board the plane. The suspicion that Israel might have been responsible for this act of terrorism must on no account be allowed to take root in anyone’s mind.

If we ask the question, Cui bono? or who profits from the destruction of the Russian plane, it is clear that Israel profits most. Israel has a strong motive for attacking Russia covertly. Israel is incensed with Putin for interfering in Syria on behalf of President Assad. The Israelis want Assad gone. They want to extend the Golan heights. They want more land in Syria. They want a pliant Zionist puppet to replace Assad. Above all, they want Syria to go the same way as Iraq and Libya—to reduce it to rubble with the help of ISIS and their “moderate” rebels against Assad’s rule—and they want to do this as a preliminary to the destruction of Iran.

Only then will the Israelis feel secure: when every country in the Middle East is forced to bend the knee in bondage to their hegemony. What better way to punish Putin for his “meddling” in Syria than to bring down a Russian passenger plane and pin the blame on ISIS?


Here is a significant quote from another important article by Christopher Bollyn—”Sinai Plane Crash: Four Theories”—that offers a new perspective on this whole matter. To my mind, it proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the Russian passenger plane was remotely hijacked by cyber hackers, turning the plane effectively into a drone, completely at the mercy of the same hackers.

The fact that the most sophisticated hackers in the world were located in Israel, a mere 60 miles north-east of the site of the plane crash, speaks volumes.

“There is no mention whatsoever by the BBC,” Bollyn writes, “or by other controlled media of the very real possibility that the plane could have been hijacked remotely and flown by an external pilot who caused the destruction of the plane.

This is a blatant omission of the most obvious theory.

It is as if the BBC and the controlled media are unaware of drone technology, although the United States and Israel use remotely-controlled drones on a daily basis in the Zionist fraud known as the “War on Terror.” For a remote hacker to hack into an airplane’s flight navigation system and take control of the plane from the cockpit crew is to turn a passenger plane into a drone.

For the BBC and the Zionist-controlled media to omit the possible theory that the plane was hijacked remotely using drone technology reveals the key role the media plays in the Zionist-bankster deception being foisted on the American people and the world. The controlled media’s omission of the remote hijacking theory is meant to hide that possibility from the public, which suggests that it may very well have been how the plane was brought down.”

— See here

Well, that more or less wraps it up as far as I’m concerned.

Suspect Number One: Israel.

By piotrbein