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Scotland, Monday, 16 November 2015

MY APOLOGIES for repeating to you last week’s letter, which contained crucial errors: The link to my bookstore, Irving Books, and the Bank of America routing number have been corrected, and the bugs have been taken out of the credit-card system. Apologies again, and thanks, and let me wish you and your family a happy Christmas when it comes. – David Irving

To: Piotr Bein
3438 - 155 Street
(line of address withheld by me)
British Columbia,
Canada V3Z 0G4

Dear Piotr,

Regard this letter as my personal update on a writer's struggle, an 'interesting' year! After a three-year battle by my brave German lawyer, I've beaten Germany's lifetime ban (imposed in November 1993) – because such a ban violates European law, which did not exist earlier. The Court even ordered the Bavarian Government to pay all our costs!

I am currently fighting off a sophisticated Internet attack, calculate to wreck my bookstore and cripple my finances. It has gone on since September. The bank has just slapped a fraud-fighting fee of $2,700 on my bookstore. (It reminds me of my first month as a steelworker in Germany: when pay-day came, there was no money in the envelope – just a bill for new steel-capped boots!) Fortunately I learned HTML some years ago. I think we are through the worst. But it has been touch-and-go.

My books are not prohibited anywhere in the world, and this letter isn't asking you to buy them (but remember: the big season is just around the corner, and signed books make great gifts); but I am banned by Canada, Australia, New Zealand – and other countries where the traditional enemies of Free Speech have gained the upper hand, which have all quietly placed an entry-ban on me, a writer; I have today written to all three prime ministers again asking them to intervene, but am not optimistic. We know what folks are behind the ban! In Australia I can't even visit my daughter and her family. Canada: Flying from here to my base in Key West last year, armed agents took me off the plane at Toronto, and bounced me back to England. Probably South Africa has banned me too.

And now a serious new ban threatens, from the United States – I will find out shortly, since I am this week again applying for a visa to replace the one the Border Security Agency has torn up on a threadbare pretext. Odd: My last visa application in July was immediately OK'd in interview with a high-level consular official (verbatim: "I can tell you that your application has been approved") but the next day anonymously rejected. I have thousands of friends in the U.S.A., but this threatens to be the costliest fight of all.

I am a fighter: In fact I now live just three miles up the road from Scottish Culloden, moorland site of the last bloody battle on British soil in 1746.

Despite all this turmoil I am nearly finished with my last three great books: a Heinrich Himmler biography – click for a privileged extract, I'm working on the final (war) chapters, unravelling great mysteries; on Churchill's War, vol.3, almost complete (we reprinted vol.1 this year, equivalent in print quality to vol.2); and "Memoirs," also almost complete. Time is running out.

But I am dangerously low in funds, and I have only you folks as a back-up to fall back on. Since the 1990s, my mainstream publishers in the U.K. and U.S.A. have not dared touch my books, which is why we publish them ourselves – and better. So please contribute, if you can, by check, cash, or bank transfer. It will be your way of joining the fight. You'll get a personal letter of thanks from me if I have your address and, if and when and if I next speak near you, a personal shake of the hand. Over the years it has shaken a lot of Hands, I don't have to tell you!

Yours sincerely,

David Irving                       DONATE

A check can also be made out to David Irving, at Bank of America, Southard St, Key West, FL 30040, bank routing number 113 000 023, account number 4880 4792 8301; or my present mailing address is “Focal Point Publications,” Holme Rose, Croy, Inverness, IV2 5PW, Scotland


By piotrbein