[comments] European Civilization on the Brink of Extinction?

PB: Sabba’s comment is lame, to say the least.

A civilisation, hated and earmarked for centuries by the Js to be eradicated, is finally dealt final blows, using as a weapon  another civilisation

Sabba is philosophical about it instead of being vehemently active against, as his/her TheUglyTruth is for the cause of Muslims. Why not say, Sabba: Palestinian ‘civilisation’ proves weaker than the Zionist one, so the hell with Palestinians, their faith and all.

It’s the second time I place a serious objection to the comments by TUT editors, this time only on my blog as I have been banned on TUT for previous critical comment.

Following that I could not debate idiotic TUT comments re alleged Polish villainy in Jedwabne massacre of Jews or Poles ransacking graves of murdered Jews.

Erudites on non-Muslim matters TUT are not…

By piotrbein