13/11 Paris Massacre: Pour Quel Profit?

13/11 Paris Massacre: Pour Quel Profit?


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  1. Rehmat Says:
    Historically the Caption of the cartoon is wrong. France has been controlled by the Organized Jewry since WWII. Jollande’s government has more pro-Israel Jewish ministers than former president Nicolas Sarkozy (Jewish) government. The Friday terrorist attack only boosted CRIF’s hold on French culture of hatred toward country’s largest minority – 7-9 million Muslims.

    Blaming ISIS for the recent attack is nothing but to divert public attention from Israeli terrorism in France. ISIS Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was born into a French Jewish family. His real name is Simon Elliot and he received terrorist training from Israeli Mossad. In June 2014, Benjamin Netanyahu declared ISIS being kosher.

    French Jewish historian, Emmanuel Todd, in his recent book, Who is Charlie? has claimed that January 2015 terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo office and Jewish grocery market in Paris were an inside job to demonize Muslims and Islam.

    Former White House official, Dr. Paul Craig Robert has called the Friday Paris attack another false flag operation like the Boston Marathon Bombing to demonize Muslims and Islam.


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